When I turned 28, I noticed my first gray hair. Luckily for me it was under the rest of the hair on my head, so it really wasn’t that bad. Then at 29, I had my first child and the gray hairs haven’t stopped coming in. I have been known to pull out the unwanted little buggers, until I was told by numerous friends that for every gray hair I pull out, ten will grow in its place. Now I don’t truly know if this is true or just an old wives tale, but I sure as heck wasn’t taking any chances.

For the past few months I have noticed one particular gray hair on the top/front right side of my head. It seems to glisten in the bathroom lighting. What makes this even far more annoying is that it is extremely short. I can’t brush it back with all the other long, brown hairs on my head, oh no. It stands there constantly at attention, seemingly mocking me every time I look in the mirror. Ok ok, maybe I am being a little dramatic. I’m sure I am the only one that notices, but still I notice it. I gave up glaring at it and cursing it’s existence until the other morning.

What I noticed was truly, in my own opinion, horrific. Not only was that annoying piece still there, as if it would have disappeared, it seemed to have rounded up three other buddies. COME ON! REALLY! Instead of one gray hair taunting me every morning, now I have a quartet laughing back at me in the mirror. All small, all glistening in the light, all mocking me. Yay for getting older!