I never realized how much I actually swear until I had a child. I thought my husband would be the “bad influencer” but turns out part of that title belongs to me. Now, I don’t try to blame my um (**cough**) daughter’s colorful at times language on someone else; I take full responsibility. In fact, now my kid is calling me out when I say a bad word. (if she is calling me out, then it must be bad)

So I took it upon myself to keep a tally of how many times I swear on a random day. Holy bologna (and no, that phrase is not what I would usually say)! While at work before 10am, about 7 “naughty” words had flown out of my mouth. I mostly blame this on my horrible work station and the computer that has had something against me for the past 6 years now (no, I don’t ever get a new computer. They can move me around from desk to desk 100’s of times, but new computer, nah) By the time I left work at 4pm, I had sworn about 15 times.

Now comes the home portion of the test. (**shaking my head**) I am not proud of this at all. I counted 10 times before I just gave up and stopped counting. I can hear my daughter’s preschool teacher now (when she starts in September), and I have no one to blame but myself. I must have been some kind of drunken sailor in another life.

So what can I do to break this habit? The “swear” jar doesn’t necessarily work because, let’s face it, who has a lot of change lying around anymore. Maybe I should look into some type of shock collar. If I swear I get a small electrical shock. That should do it, right? Thankfully, my daughter has gotten a lot better at not saying the certain words. I just wish that I could work on that. Everyone has their own vise right? I guess this is mine. Sh**!