So in September my little munchkin, who is 3 1/2 now, will be starting Pre-School. (I’m already stocking up on tissues for that first day) It’s hard to believe that she is already at that point in her life. Going away from mommy for a half-day, meeting new kids, getting her learning on. Oh how time goes by so quickly.

Now, besides the “preparing” to be away from my only baby for the first time; putting my trust in strangers to watch over and protect her, I will also be preparing myself for phone calls on her behavior. As some of you know, I have talked about my little one on Twitter. I love her to DEATH! She means the absolute world to me! When I am away from her I seriously feel as if a part of my heart is missing. But holy crap, does that kid have a bad-itude (bad attitude). She is strong-willed, independent, stubborn, quick to have a bad temper, total smart ass and completely too smart for her own good.

I can’t totally blame ALL of this on my husband. We both are smart asses, we are both stubborn, and the quick temper? Well, that would be me. I do tend to have a short fuse sometimes. And as I posted in a previous blog, I swear like a drunken sailor (I know, totally lady like and sexy). I blame this on my short fuse, which is usually when all the colorful language comes out of my mouth. Because of this sailor like contribution to my personality, my daughter has the same problem. It has gotten better and she will actually call me out on it now (thank God), but with this seemingly bad habit subsiding there was this that I saw the other day when I got home…



What can I say? Hug fest? I can literally hear the phone calls playing in my head now. 

“Mrs. Brown. Are you aware that your daughter undresses her dolls and puts them together in a questionable matter?”

This kid has ALWAYS undressed her dolls. In fact, as soon as she gets them the clothes are off within 5-10 minutes. I know kids are kids and they don’t know what this looks like (even though I laughed my ass off when I saw it), but she is going to a church preschool. I’m not really sure how the above will go over. Oh well, kids will be kids, right? At least mine is entertaining. 🙂