Tonight my 3 year old niece is spending the night, making it Em’s first sleepover. I don’t know who is more excited, my kid or me. I love my niece to death, and I am so excited to spend some much needed time with her. 

I’ve got everything planned out (cuz I’m a total crazy planner person). We got some crafts to do, helping mom with dinner, making sundaes! It reminds me a lot of when I use to spend the night at my Nanie’s and Aunt’s house when I was little.

I use to LOVE spending the night there. We’d watch movies, eat candy and popcorn and in the morning my Nanie usually made breakfast. I think my Aunt would be proud if she could see everything I had planned in my head. I guess in that sense I take after her. 

Only one question remains; can I handle two 3 year olds in one house, over night? Hmm…guess I didn’t think that part through at all. We’ll see. Let the games begin!