So, as an extension of my last blog about my niece coming to spend the night, I thought I would wrap up the entire evening (including some pics).


First the girls used their creativity to play telephone. If you don’t have a string and two cans (totally old school) a tube will work just fine. The object of this game was to see which cousin could scream the loudest and whose ears rang the longest.

Then we played outside with bubbles (I despise bubbles but the girls love them so fine, I’ll suffer with the stickiness) Before I could catch her, my niece poured the entire large container of bubbles into our small, emptied pool and the improvised slip-and-slid commenced. I wasn’t okay with this idea at first, but there is thick padding under the pool and I watched them very carefully to make sure they weren’t checking each other (hockey reference). After a few minutes both girls were completely soapy from head to toe. So before they could even come into the house, what did I have to do? Took out the house, stripped them down and hosed them off. Thank goodness it was 90 degrees outside. 

Next came bath time. Now I had 2 naked kids running around the house, giggling and screaming and I tried to fill up the bath tub (all of this was done before my hubs got home from work). Finally wrestled one of them into the bathtub while the other tried to repeatedly jump in. After about 45 minutes of pure chaos, both girls were cleaned and in their pj’s, and me? I am exhausted.

Hubs gets home right after the baths (perfect timing). I explain my chaotic adventure thus far and all I get is “You were the one that wanted to do this.” Okay, okay, fine. I was the one with the brilliant idea, but in all honesty I love spending time with my niece and both girls love each other so much that how could I not want to do this.

Next came pizza and after that…..


ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And silly face making…


Then they made bracelets for each other. This was so incredibly cute.

We watched The Little Mermaid and then at about 9:30pm, my little niece missed her mama and wanted to go home. She was screaming and crying and I felt bad for the poor little thing. Why did I rip her away from her parents so she could spend the night with us, felt like a bad Auntie. Then my kid started crying because she didn’t want her cousin to go home. We now had a house full of screaming, crocodile tears.

We called my brother, we met him half way and he took my niece back home. Thank goodness my kid was asleep in the car when the switch was made, otherwise our 20 minute drive home would have been a nightmare.

We got home, put little one in bed, took a shower and fell onto my own bed in exhaustion. 

“When are you going to do this again?” my hubs sarcastically asked me. All I could muster was a look of  “Shut Up”. To spend more time with my niece and watch how happy my kid is when she is with her cousin, I would do it again in a heartbeat.