My daughter has always been interested in music. Heck when she was in the womb my husband and I use to put headphones on my belly and subject her to different kinds of music. When she heard Hank Williams or My Morning Jacket she would move around like crazy. When we changed the music to (my husband’s favorite) Ween or some other groups (can’t remember them now) she was completely still. It was actually pretty amazing to witness. When she was born and would get really fussy, my husband would play the same music she bounced around to in the womb and it would calm her down.

When she was a little bit older, still a baby, she LOVED guitars, violins, really anything with strings. It would even look like she would have the finger placement perfect when she was just playing around with it.


Most of this I can attribute to my husband’s genes. He plays guitar, bass, mandolin and the list goes on. His mom can play the violin. Me? I can play a pretty mean kazoo. I wish I was talented enough to play a musical instrument. I LOVE music, just not the sound of me playing music.

On her 3rd birthday, my husband’s mom bought her a violin. She knows the pieces of the violin and can play a note without sounding like you are killing a cat (which oddly enough is the sound I make when I’m trying to play it). The patience isn’t quite there yet to sit still long enough, but she is only 3.


The other thing that has helped her love of music grow is a kid rock band called The Imagination Movers. It is made up of a very talented group of four men who teach children how to think outside of the box to solve problems or as they call them “idea emergencies” . She has always loved the show, but when she hears the music she’s completely captivated. She can hear their songs just a few times and then she’s singing them around the house. At about 13 months she could name each Mover and at about 15 months she could pick out their voices just by listening to the songs. Needless to say, the Imagination Movers have been a BIG part of her life thus far, and subsequently mine as well. I’m just thankful she has good taste in music because in all honesty I like the songs too.

For her birthday last year we took her to their concert in Santa Rosa, CA. She was so excited! Mover Scott waved to her from behind the stage before the concert started (whom she has a little crush on) and Mover Smitty jumped off the stage and came right up to her as he played to her and held her hand (sweetest moment ever in this mama’s book). She still talks about that experience and I still get scolded that I didn’t get VIP passes to meet them. I explained to her that you do what you can with the money you have at the time. We did have pretty sweet seats though (3rd row, which after the concert started changed to the front).


I honestly can’t be grateful enough that she has this love and appreciation for music at such a young age. She has such an interest to learn it and she really has a good ear for it. All thanks to my husband’s genes and the Imagination Movers!