And just like that…


she’s all grown-up and off to school


Why did my baby have to grow up so fast? I’ll tell you, she handled this big step in life better than I did. It was 40 minutes ago and I’m still sobbing like a baby. Michele is that spot in the back of your closet still vacant? I have chocolate, cheese, wine and I will BOP (Bring Own Pillow).

Em was so excited this morning getting ready. She wore her new dress and new shoes. She wanted her hair in braids and she smiled big for all her pictures. When we pulled up to the school she squealed “I’m so excited!” I signed her into her class, put her backpack and water in her little cubby marked with her name…


and she ran outside to play with all the other kids. The parents weren’t allowed to go to the playground (I’m assuming to make the separation easier on the children, not so much for this mama). Em almost ran off without saying goodbye! Her teacher had to call her back for us so I could give her one last hug and kiss. And just like that…gone. Off on her own for the first time EVER. She seemed perfectly content, running like a maniac ALL around the playground. I guess that’s better than clinging to me. She’s a confident little girl with such a bright future ahead of her. I can’t wait until noon to go pick up my baby and hear all about her first day.