Since I was laid off from my place of employment after 9 1/2 years of dedicated service (nope, I’m not bitter or angry at all) I have A LOT of free time on my hands. Of course I am doing the whole EDD thing; looking for jobs, filling out paperwork, blah blah blah…but besides that, what else is there to do? My house is so clean right now that I may be serving dinners on the floor just because I can; I have my kiddo that keeps me busy with random things, but she’s in school now. What the heck am I going to do with myself the 3 hours she’s gone? I’m not the type of person that can just sit still and enjoy peace and quiet. I get stir crazy.

Then I realized that, hey, now is a great time to brush off those dusty writing ideas. Writing has always been something that has come easy to me. I’ve written many poems as a kid, one being published in a national poetry book. I’ve written a script in my early 20’s and actually filmed it, edited most of it, but then did nothing with it after that. I have written some children stories, which I am pretty proud of and I think since I have time on my hands now, there is no excuse for me not to pursue this (even though my fear of failing will try to come up with some).

I always tell my daughter that she can be whatever she wants to be as long as she has the drive, dedication and determination to get there. I guess it is time that I start taking my own advice.