Thursday night was my very first Back to School Night as a parent. I was actually kind of excited to hear what the kids will be doing this school year and what I can do as a parent to help my child’s education flourish. Also, since my daughter has decided to become a CIA mini-agent in training, I was looking forward to speaking with her teacher directly to see how she is adjusting to school.

First all the parents met in the small chapel, she is going to a christian-based preschool (although we aren’t highly religious people). There the Director of the school addressed the parents about the upcoming school year and of course fundraisers (seriously, those start this early). Then, we all dispersed to our child’s classroom.

Em’s teacher is from Indonesia and she has a very thick accent. She started to tell the classroom full of parents this:

Today I had a child come up to me and say “Miss Lidia you speak a different English than I do.” I love that!

Almost immediately I looked at my husband, as if to say, you know that was Em. After the whole teacher speech thing was done, my husband and I decided to go up and speak independently to the teacher to see how Em is doing in class since it seems to be Classified Information with Em. One of the first things Miss Lidia said to us was:

You know that child I talked about earlier saying that I spoke a different English than her? That was Emily.

I KNEW IT!!!! Totally sounds like something my kid would say. This child is not shy at all! She is bold as hell and she will do and say whatever she wants. In that sense, she is a lot like her father. Me, I am very timid and shy and worry all too much as to what people say.

So, after that non-shock of a comment, Miss Lidia begins to tell us that Em is constantly on the go. She has a hard time sitting still. She is very social and she is willing to help the teachers with activities. Then she goes into another story that happened the same day.

Today before snack time, during prayer, Emily shouts out COW!!!!! No reindeer!!!! NO DEER!!!!!!!

I guess instead of closing her eyes and praying like she was supposed to, she was looking out the window and spotted a deer up on the hill.

Needless to say, Em’s first year of school is going to be nothing short of interesting. I’m sure there are going to be many more stories for the teacher and myself to tell.