So, Sunday. Finished MOST of my chores, laundry can wait for all I’m concerned. Sitting outside watching my daughter splash around in her little blow-up pool (consequently getting splashed on in the process) and I began thinking about a recent post I read by a fellow Twitter friend entitled, Without. (you should definitely read this if you have the time)

It made me think about the big changes that happened in my life recently. I was feeling sorry for myself about losing my job, even though it wasn’t by any fault of my own. I became overly stressed and worrisome about how we were going to survive off of one income. As a result of this added stress, I became overly irritable and short fused.

After reading the above mentioned post yesterday it made me realize, from this unfortunate circumstance came a true positive in my life. I get to stay home with my daughter, something I truly missed and wished for while I was at work. I am able to take her to school now and bring her home. I have more time to do the things I need to do around the house and I get to work on my writing, which is something I have missed doing.

Things always seem to work themselves out, from what I am learning. There is no reason for me to be as stressed as I was. It took me 3 weeks to come to that conclusion, but I finally did. I’m beginning to look at losing my job as a blessing. For 9 1/2 years I wasn’t happy; my job was just that, a JOB. It provided income to live off of and it wasn’t that far from home. They were pretty flexible with me, which is really the only reason I stayed. It wasn’t like I was highly appreciated for doing my job plus other people’s jobs, it’s not like I got yearly raises and bonuses (9 1/2 years and I had only gotten 4 raises). And no matter how hard you worked or how much you accomplished, it was never enough.

Life is short and it shouldn’t be consumed with money, stress or material things. What should matter the most is happiness. The happiness of your family and loved ones and the happiness of yourself. I realized that this is my chance to spend some much needed time with my daughter before she grows up. I realized that this is my chance to be the mom a longed to be to my child, being able to be there like my mom was for me. I realized that this is my chance to work on my writing and see where I can go with it. I realized that WE will be just fine. A blessing in disguise? I believe so.