So, since my child is a young, undercover CIA agent or in the mob (haven’t really decided yet) I missed Show and Tell day at her school. (Apparently this is every Thursday from now on) Actually, there are a lot of secretive ones in her class because most of us parents standing on the outside of the door were shocked to know this, so I didn’t look as bad as I thought.

Any-who, they bring your child out to you to ensure the child is going to the right person (one of the reasons I picked this preschool). When Em started coming out the door I noticed that she had a dirty, loved monkey under her arm. Confused, I asked her:

Um…Em, what is that?

My monkey.

That’s not your monkey.

The teacher looked a little shocked.

That’s not hers?


Huh, well she shared it as if it were hers.

The roar of laughter from the remaining parents waiting to pick up their child echoed through the hall, so much so that the other parents from the other classrooms looked my way. I gave the monkey back to the teacher, signed Em out, took her hand and walked her down the hall to the parking lot, asking her many questions.

So Em…where did you get the monkey?

I dunno.

Was it someone elses monkey?

I don’t think so.

Well, how did you do Show and Tell if it wasn’t your monkey.

Easy. I said “this is how I play with my monkey” and I threw it up in the air.



This apparently was no big deal to her and all I could think of was that she took this poor monkey from some shy little child and decided to share it as if it were her own. It’s hard not to laugh at this sort of thing, but she also needs to understand that she lied, and that lying is not something that is okay. She must have been extremely convincing because no one knew that this loved little monkey wasn’t hers and the fact that she was just going to waltz right out of the classroom with this things as if it was nothing just amazes me. Later, my hubs and I found out that she pulled the monkey out of some bin in the classroom (thank God she didn’t rip it out of some kid’s arms). All I know is that this mama has her hands, and anything else you can imagine, full.