Em will be turning 4 in 2 weeks! Where the heck has time gone? I feel like I just had her!

In honor of my baby getting older, I thought I would share some cringe worthy moments this momma has had from some comments my child has said over the past few years.

1. In a store, standing in line to pay for groceries and Em points and says “Mama, that person is brown!” Mind you, my child does not have volume control and the person she was pointing to was at another checker line. There were snickers and glares from everyone around. At that moment I wished I was a turtle so I had some kind of shell to curl up into.

2. My child’s response to her father’s discipline. “Oh yeah, well you’re as A**hole!” This is the day I learned that I really do have a drunken sailor’s mouth and that I really do need to edit myself, A LOT. Parent of the Year award, right here!

3. Em was at dance class and she blurts out to her teacher and the rest of the class “My dad farts a lot!” Ok, maybe this wasn’t my cringe worthy moment, but it was my husbands. I actually found it pretty amusing.

4. At Target shopping and we pass the underwear section and my child yells, “Mama! Those are booby holders. You need more of those cuz your boobies are jiggly.” Remember, this child has no volume control.

5. The one to end my list (for now). We were at a friend’s house visiting. They have a little boy who is about 6 months younger than Em. The kids were playing around in the sprinkler and we yelled for them to come inside to get changed so that we could go for lunch. Hubs, being the modest one for our daughter, wraps a towel around her to get her changed. The little boy, on the other hand strips down to nothing and runs around the house. Em confronts him, points to his (cough) little man-hood and says “He has a sticking out whooha. If this wasn’t bad enough, she also tried to touch it. I don’t think I have ever moved that fast.

I know that this is just the beginning of many many more cringe worthy moments. Oh to be a parent.

This post is in response to a writing prompt for Mama Kat’s blog: Mama’s Losin It