So I saw a blog done by OldDogNewTits, which inspired this one. ODNT did this blog in regards to a writing prompt from MamaKat. I thought it was a really cool idea and thought “hey, why don’t I take a crack at it.” So here we go. This was my Saturday.

Almost 8am…this is late for me. I’m usually up around 6am, but we’ve ALL spent the past week sick, so I deserve this.


9am…Kid is eating raisin bread and juice. Me, well, this is my breakfast. I shouldn’t be eating this, but right now I don’t really care.


10am…Anyone remember these? Yep, that’s right. This mama is about to suck some snot.


11am…Time to get the kid ready for her dance class. It’s costume parade day.


12pm…Dance class time. They are ALL so freakin’ adorable!


1pm…Dance class ran a little bit over due to mass chaos with children and costumes.


2pm…This kiddo is tired. Time for this mom to take a nap as well. (take it when you can get it)


3pm…Late lunch and it was delicious!


4pm…Time to get the dirty work done. Germs be gone!


5pm…Time for Buddy to strike his “You Can’t Resist” pose.


6pm…Em got her Halloween costume in the mail today. Princess Ariel is in the HOUSE!


7pm…Dinner is done. It’s my left boob’s birthday! What? Your boobs don’t have individual birthdays? According to Em, today was lefty’s turn.


8pm…time to get some more housework done while hubs gives munchkin a bath. A mama’s work is never done.


9pm…Kid in bed, hubs watching that Illegal Moonshine show, which I don’t understand how it works. It’s illegal, yet someone is documenting the whole thing and they are documenting a sheriff trying to take down the operation. I’m sorry, isn’t the filming crew aiding and abetting? Anyway, time to get some research done.


10pm (ish)…I’m tired. This mom is going to bed.