Just a first time mom writing about the randomness of life and how being mom is full of laughter, tears, fears and happiness. Living it out one gray hair at a time.

Monthly Archives: October 2013

In honor of Halloween tomorrow, I thought I would post a Halloween picture timeline of my girl. She was born at the beginning of October, so she is a Halloween baby and it’s one of her favorite times of year.

2009 – Only 26 days old



My favorite little pumpkin



2010 – Minnie Mouse




2011 – She wanted to be a dragon (how cool is my child)




2012 – The Fairy Phase 





2013 – Wedding Day Princess Ariel



And I HAVE to post this because, well… you’ll see


Princess said knock you out….uh


My kid is a riot. Never loses an opportunity to act like a ding dong. I also wanted to share some pumpkin patch photos thru the years. Her first year we didn’t take her to a pumpkin patch because, well, I’m a paranoid freak. 






Have a happy and safe Halloween ya’ll!



Last Sunday was suppose to be my daughter’s first recital and my chance to be the class mom. Well, my daughter became ill and as a result missed her very first dance recital. She seemed to be okay with it, but my husband and I were a little sad. Let me explain how my week leading up to the recital went.

Sunday: Rehearsal day

She seemed to be fine all day, me on the other hand was a completely different story. I sucked it up and went to the rehearsal anyway, only because I was class dance mom and if I didn’t go I couldn’t rely on the husband to relay information or retain it for that matter. Emily was a champ! (if you read my previous post you know why).

Monday: The Beginning

Em woke up in the morning with a fever. Awesome. I tried my hardest not to pass any of my sickness to her (I wore a freakin mask for goodness sakes) but it seems as though I failed.

Tuesday: Wakey Wakey Body Rashy

Em woke up covered it a bright red rash from head to toe accompanied by a fever. I called my husband, freaking out like I always do (it looked like measles . Hubs came home from work and we took her to the doctor. The Verdict? She has an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin the day after she finishes the medication.

Wednesday: The Night From Hell

Rash still there, along with the never ending fever. She seemed to be okay all day, besides the virus and this gross barking cough. My husband got home around 9pm (he goes to school at night) and something told me not to take my shower until he got home (usually I take it before). While he was eating his dinner, I took my shower. I hear a pounding on the shower door. I run out to find my child gasping for air. I throw some clothes on and we rush her down to the ER. They tell us she has croup and give her a breathing treatment to open her airways and give her a long acting steroid. Both help dramatically and 3 hours later (almost 2am) we get to go home. I stay awake through the night watching her like a hawk, terrified to shut my own eyes.

Thursday, Friday: Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Barking cough is gone, thank goodness, and she is breathing normally. Fever goes up to 102.5, rash still there, coughing continues as does the stress level for me.

Saturday: No Dance Class

I call her dance teacher in the morning telling her what had happened and that I am unsure if Em will be making it to the dance recital the next day. She still has the rash all over her body and she is still hacking horribly. Her dance teacher talks to Em on the phone, tells her to listen to mom so she can get better.

Sunday: Dance Recital Day

Nope, not going. Kid is coughing like crazy and I just don’t have the heart to force her out there on stage for 2 minutes just to do a dance. 


It’s been a week from hell. I’m exhausted. You would think it would all be over by now, but NO. Took her to the doctor today because she was extremely lethargic and slept until 10:30am (which is way out of character for her) and I find out that she has another double ear infection. COME ON!!!!! Hasn’t this kid been through enough? 

So. I’m putting this out there to the universe. Please let this kid get better! Please!

Don’t close windows

Or button shades

He gets very angry

Doesn’t like it that way

So leave your windows open

And let in the moonlight

He’ll leave you alone

If it’s just right



So, it is 12:19am here in California. I am unable to sleep due to a severe sore throat and painful glands and neck, so, if I can’t sleep I might as well write about today, er yesterday.

My daughter’s first dance recital rehearsal was today. She had to dress in full costume, actually Dance Owner/Director-the Hun wanted them in full make-up and decked out hair. Yeah, no! It took me way too long for pictures to do my child’s hair, I wasn’t about to do it for a 10 minute practice on stage (plus I’m whiny and in pain). So we get to the place where the recital is being held (which is literally 1 minute from my house) and outside you see her entire troop piling out of their cars. (Hot pink and yellow costumes, really hard to miss). When my daughter walks into the auditorium her eyes widen. Before we left she had whispered to me that she was a “little nervous”, but once she was there those nerves totally melted away. 

When it was their turn to get up on stage, the dance teacher lined them up. What was my child doing? Practicing her dig-stomps (actually I think she just like the sound her tap shoes were making on the stage, the loud echo). Then she started waving to everyone and doing her own little thing. She had everyone in the auditorium cracking up, and she knew it. They were just putting fuel right on that fire. I couldn’t help but laugh. A different dance teacher leaned over to me and asked, “Which one is yours?” I looked at her and said “The child that is unable to stand still”. She started laughing. It was then I realized, my child was right at home on that stage. She liked the attention, obviously, but it was something more than that. Her smile was shinning so big and bright. She owned that stage and she knew it.

Now, granted, next Sunday may be a little different because the house lights will be off and it will be pitch black when they walk on stage, but I have a feeling she will be just fine. I guess I should start setting money aside now because I definitely see theater in her future and I couldn’t be more proud.

I have a four year old; that statement alone should answer the query to the blog. Today, however, I came home from taking my daughter to a follow-up doctor appointment for an ear AND sinus infection (lucky girl) to find a surprise in our spare bedroom…


Granted, this room is always in a bit of disarray, but I know for a fact those beads were in a bucket. Now I present to you culprit #1… Alice


She was actually sitting by the room when I walked in the door with this “I didn’t do it!” Pretty sure it was her and our other cat Buddy.

So, later I sit at the computer while my child is playing and I look over to see this…


Have I ever mentioned how much I loath PlayDoh?!? Sure it’s fun to play with and mold, but it seems to harden up a lot faster than it use to, at least when I was a kid which I won’t mention how long ago that was. So now I have thousands of hard, crusty pieces of what once was PlayDoh all over my dinning room table and chairs and floors.

As I often hear myself saying (more times than I’d like to mention) if it’s not the kid it’s the cats (or the husband, he makes a pretty nice sized mess sometimes).

Is it really the 15th already? Wow! Here we go! Another Ketchup Prompt!

Make your best terrifying OR terrified face. Then, post it on your blog or tweet/Facebook it to Mel or Michele and we’ll link it up. BONUS: You get ten extra entries in the Ketchup Halloween Contest (see below) if you submit a picture.

Oh no!!!!! The child is a vampire!!!!


With my daughter in dance class and having her very first recital next Sunday, I am finding myself experimenting on my child’s head. Now, I cannot style my own hair let alone a moving target like my 4 year old child. I was really hoping that I could just put foam rollers in her hair and “bam” perfect curls. Yeah, not so much. First problem was getting the rollers into my kid’s hair. Like I said before, moving target. After about 45 minutes (yes it took me 45 minutes to curl a tiny head) I came up with this:


Ah, my little babushka. Doesn’t she look like a little old granny? Notice the uneven placement of ALL the rollers. 

I let her hair dry and when it was time to take the rollers out, what happened? Yep, barely wavy and a half hour later completely straight. So much for not having to use a hot iron on my kid’s head.

Saturday was dance picture day and her hair HAD to be curled. So here I go, putting a hot iron to a tiny head. It took me over an hour, but I did it.


Haha! Success! I was so dang proud of myself and I only burnt myself, not my child. Whoohoo! Now, if only I can copy this next Sunday. Fingers crossed.


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