I did it! I finally did it! I put my fears to the side, put faith in myself and did it! What am I talking about? Well…

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was young. In fact, I wrote poems consistently in elementary and middle school, mostly thanks to my Aunt Judy for making me practice and giving me exercises to do to really own my talent. When I was about 11 years old I submitted a poem in a contest for the National Book of Poems and came in 25th out of thousands. 

I’ve written many stories, most lost in piles of unknown items, over the years. A few years ago I wrote a story called The Different Dragonfly. I’m actually pretty proud of this story. My daughter had just turned 2 and she was starting to realize that people were different. The story I wrote is kind of based on that discovery. It’s been years since I have been proud of something I’ve written and now that I have a child I feel fortunate enough to be able to write stories for her and she actually enjoys them!

Why haven’t I done something about this sooner? One word, FEAR. Fear is a pretty strong word when you think about it. It’s a very strong feeling. It can be very debilitating, which it was in my case. The fear of someone not liking your work; the fear someone saying “You aren’t talented enough”; the fear of not succeeding. It took years for me to get over this, and in all honesty I’m not really there, but for my daughter I felt like I HAD to do this. I always tell her that if you work hard enough and are determined enough you can do anything. How can I say that if I don’t do it. At least I can say that I’m trying. If I can’t set the example for her, how can I expect her to do the same when she becomes passionate about something.


So…here goes everything. I’m putting those fears aside, putting myself out there and for once putting that faith in myself that I am good enough and talented enough to do this. The first set is out in the mail with more to come this week and the next.