With my daughter in dance class and having her very first recital next Sunday, I am finding myself experimenting on my child’s head. Now, I cannot style my own hair let alone a moving target like my 4 year old child. I was really hoping that I could just put foam rollers in her hair and “bam” perfect curls. Yeah, not so much. First problem was getting the rollers into my kid’s hair. Like I said before, moving target. After about 45 minutes (yes it took me 45 minutes to curl a tiny head) I came up with this:


Ah, my little babushka. Doesn’t she look like a little old granny? Notice the uneven placement of ALL the rollers. 

I let her hair dry and when it was time to take the rollers out, what happened? Yep, barely wavy and a half hour later completely straight. So much for not having to use a hot iron on my kid’s head.

Saturday was dance picture day and her hair HAD to be curled. So here I go, putting a hot iron to a tiny head. It took me over an hour, but I did it.


Haha! Success! I was so dang proud of myself and I only burnt myself, not my child. Whoohoo! Now, if only I can copy this next Sunday. Fingers crossed.