I have a four year old; that statement alone should answer the query to the blog. Today, however, I came home from taking my daughter to a follow-up doctor appointment for an ear AND sinus infection (lucky girl) to find a surprise in our spare bedroom…


Granted, this room is always in a bit of disarray, but I know for a fact those beads were in a bucket. Now I present to you culprit #1… Alice


She was actually sitting by the room when I walked in the door with this “I didn’t do it!” Pretty sure it was her and our other cat Buddy.

So, later I sit at the computer while my child is playing and I look over to see this…


Have I ever mentioned how much I loath PlayDoh?!? Sure it’s fun to play with and mold, but it seems to harden up a lot faster than it use to, at least when I was a kid which I won’t mention how long ago that was. So now I have thousands of hard, crusty pieces of what once was PlayDoh all over my dinning room table and chairs and floors.

As I often hear myself saying (more times than I’d like to mention) if it’s not the kid it’s the cats (or the husband, he makes a pretty nice sized mess sometimes).