So, it is 12:19am here in California. I am unable to sleep due to a severe sore throat and painful glands and neck, so, if I can’t sleep I might as well write about today, er yesterday.

My daughter’s first dance recital rehearsal was today. She had to dress in full costume, actually Dance Owner/Director-the Hun wanted them in full make-up and decked out hair. Yeah, no! It took me way too long for pictures to do my child’s hair, I wasn’t about to do it for a 10 minute practice on stage (plus I’m whiny and in pain). So we get to the place where the recital is being held (which is literally 1 minute from my house) and outside you see her entire troop piling out of their cars. (Hot pink and yellow costumes, really hard to miss). When my daughter walks into the auditorium her eyes widen. Before we left she had whispered to me that she was a “little nervous”, but once she was there those nerves totally melted away. 

When it was their turn to get up on stage, the dance teacher lined them up. What was my child doing? Practicing her dig-stomps (actually I think she just like the sound her tap shoes were making on the stage, the loud echo). Then she started waving to everyone and doing her own little thing. She had everyone in the auditorium cracking up, and she knew it. They were just putting fuel right on that fire. I couldn’t help but laugh. A different dance teacher leaned over to me and asked, “Which one is yours?” I looked at her and said “The child that is unable to stand still”. She started laughing. It was then I realized, my child was right at home on that stage. She liked the attention, obviously, but it was something more than that. Her smile was shinning so big and bright. She owned that stage and she knew it.

Now, granted, next Sunday may be a little different because the house lights will be off and it will be pitch black when they walk on stage, but I have a feeling she will be just fine. I guess I should start setting money aside now because I definitely see theater in her future and I couldn’t be more proud.