Last Sunday was suppose to be my daughter’s first recital and my chance to be the class mom. Well, my daughter became ill and as a result missed her very first dance recital. She seemed to be okay with it, but my husband and I were a little sad. Let me explain how my week leading up to the recital went.

Sunday: Rehearsal day

She seemed to be fine all day, me on the other hand was a completely different story. I sucked it up and went to the rehearsal anyway, only because I was class dance mom and if I didn’t go I couldn’t rely on the husband to relay information or retain it for that matter. Emily was a champ! (if you read my previous post you know why).

Monday: The Beginning

Em woke up in the morning with a fever. Awesome. I tried my hardest not to pass any of my sickness to her (I wore a freakin mask for goodness sakes) but it seems as though I failed.

Tuesday: Wakey Wakey Body Rashy

Em woke up covered it a bright red rash from head to toe accompanied by a fever. I called my husband, freaking out like I always do (it looked like measles . Hubs came home from work and we took her to the doctor. The Verdict? She has an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin the day after she finishes the medication.

Wednesday: The Night From Hell

Rash still there, along with the never ending fever. She seemed to be okay all day, besides the virus and this gross barking cough. My husband got home around 9pm (he goes to school at night) and something told me not to take my shower until he got home (usually I take it before). While he was eating his dinner, I took my shower. I hear a pounding on the shower door. I run out to find my child gasping for air. I throw some clothes on and we rush her down to the ER. They tell us she has croup and give her a breathing treatment to open her airways and give her a long acting steroid. Both help dramatically and 3 hours later (almost 2am) we get to go home. I stay awake through the night watching her like a hawk, terrified to shut my own eyes.

Thursday, Friday: Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Barking cough is gone, thank goodness, and she is breathing normally. Fever goes up to 102.5, rash still there, coughing continues as does the stress level for me.

Saturday: No Dance Class

I call her dance teacher in the morning telling her what had happened and that I am unsure if Em will be making it to the dance recital the next day. She still has the rash all over her body and she is still hacking horribly. Her dance teacher talks to Em on the phone, tells her to listen to mom so she can get better.

Sunday: Dance Recital Day

Nope, not going. Kid is coughing like crazy and I just don’t have the heart to force her out there on stage for 2 minutes just to do a dance. 


It’s been a week from hell. I’m exhausted. You would think it would all be over by now, but NO. Took her to the doctor today because she was extremely lethargic and slept until 10:30am (which is way out of character for her) and I find out that she has another double ear infection. COME ON!!!!! Hasn’t this kid been through enough? 

So. I’m putting this out there to the universe. Please let this kid get better! Please!