My husband decided that he was going to hangout with his friends tonight. Now that I am with my kiddo 24/7, she started the guilt trip with daddy. Crying hysterically, “Please don’t go daddy. Don’t go! Stay with me!” (This use to be me ANY time I would leave the house; the tables have turned). So my husband comes up with this brilliant idea. “Hey, why don’t you do mommy’s make-up while I’m gone.” Seriously dude, really?!? My daughter gets a huge smile on her face. “Can I Mama?” What am I suppose to do? I scowl at my husband, who gets 5-6 hours of adult time, and telepathically threaten him. “Ok, fine. Go get my make-up and the brushes.”

Happy with himself, husband leaves and out comes my 4 year old with my brown eye shadow and my brushes. What I am about to show you chronicles her attempt at doing my make-up. Please view at your own desecration. It is not a pretty sight. You have been warned.


 She is very focused. She is on a mission to make me beautiful.


Yep…we are havin’ some fun now


Oh well, go with the flow, right?


Oh wait, I don’t think I have enough on my…um…face?


Ok, maybe this isn’t what I had in mind




How shall I make my husband pay for this?


TaDa! Look how happy she is and look at me. Hey, I can go sneak around the neighborhood now that I have the perfect camouflage.


Every artist is exhausted after creating their work. By the way, can I borrow someone’s power-washer to get all of this off my face?