I decided to ask my daughter today what her favorite ornament on our Christmas tree was. Her answer…


Why Ariel of course. When I asked her as to why this ornament is her favorite, her explanation was this…

She’s my favorite princess. She wears a pink dress like me and she went to Ursula because she wanted to live with Prince Eric. She also does what she wants.

Spoken like a true princess in training, right? Especially the last comment. Oy, this one, I’m telling you. I see many nights of me waiting up for her to come home after sneaking out of the house.


Me, on the other hand, I don’t really have a favorite ornament on the tree. My favorite Christmas item in this house is a set of kissing angels that have been a part of my Christmas’ for years.


I grew up with these angels. They use to be my Nanie’s, but when she passed away it was one of the Christmas decor items I had to keep. They remind me of so many wonderful Christmas’ I shared with my Nanie. I remember as a child always finding the perfect spot to set these. To me, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them.


This is for a writing prompt from Mama Kat

A Favorite Christmas Ornament