So I was reading a post by the lovely Mel where she was talking about Christmas decorations that she puts out (you can read the blog here, which I totally recommend… and it got me thinking about some not so friendly looking decoration my Nanie use to have that I could not stand. One comes vividly to mind and I did still have this particular decoration until it met it’s demise this year by our visiting attic rats. I desperately searched the internet so I could share this lovely vintage piece, but I was unable to find anything that remotely looked like it. Now I am forced to try to describe it to you as best I can. Here we go…

It was an over stuffed Santa Claus with a cotton like beard, beaded black eyes, tough cotton for the trim on his suit and hat, reddest of noses and a torso that was twice as big as the rest of him. Sounds, kinda, cute but really it wasn’t. He was old, probably made in the 1930’s. He was stuffed with so much stuff, I’m not even calling it stuffing because he was not Charmin squeezable, that you could probably give someone a bruise with it if you threw him at them. His little, black, beaded eyes would almost stare right into your soul, possibly trying to steal it. Every year I would help my Nanie and aunt put out their decorations and every year I cringed touching this Santa Claus. I really wish I could find a picture of this thing, which brings me to my next point of conversation…

While Googling images for this soul stealing Santa, I came across a lot of decor that my Nanie actually did have that were cute. Let me share a few of my favs.


Pretty cute right? (ok ok, I hear some of you mumbling under your breaths) I actually still have the ceramic Santa Claus (the first one pictured) in my house and until last year, the Mr. and Mrs. Claus with the butt warmer (minus the butt warmer). And then, while searching for “Vintage Santa Claus” I came upon this…


What a cutie, right? Blushing cheeks, bowl full of jelly tummy. But why were they calling this vintage? I have this Santa Claus. In fact, he is one of the Santa Claus’ my mom gets me every year since the first year of my life. (It’s starting to get difficult finding room in this house for 33 stuffed Santa Claus’). I went over to my Santa and looked at the year. 1983, I was 3 years old. Vintage? How dare you people who posted this on the internet as vintage. Are the 80’s really being considered vintage now? Let me kick the person who made that decision. So with this new discovery, I decided to search the other Santa’s I have that I received in the 80’s. Yep, all listed as vintage. Come on! I consider anything from 1940 and before vintage, not 1980’s. Am I wrong? I guess it could be worse and have them called old and decrepit Santas instead. (sigh) Oh well, I guess I will go walk my vintage bootie to the kitchen to make dinner.


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