We LOVE the minions in this house. These little yellow men are adorable and hilarious, two of the most awesome qualities. We also LOVE Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, that is my husband did until Em started walking around pretending to be Margo and pretending to have a boyfriend. I think it is hilarious, hubs not so much. Sure he has a slight chuckle when she brings up “When I have a boyfriend…”, but I know the man inside is cringing at the day. What dad wouldn’t, honestly. What really started it was what happened the other day at school for Em:

Me: “Em, tell daddy what happened at school today.”

Em: “Daddy! Joshua tried to kiss me!” (mind you she is four years old)

Hubs: “Who did WHAT?!?”

Em: “Joshua tried to kiss me.”

Hubs: “And what did you do?”

Em: “I told him to go away.”

You could see the relief on my hubs face.

Hubs: “Did you tell your teacher?”

Em: “Yeah”

Hubs: “And did he get in trouble?”

Em: “Yep”

Hubs: “Good”

So today, after hubs got home from work, Em was again walking around the house saying “Oh my boyfriend…” Hubs looks up from his phone:

Hubs: “Whatcha doin’ Ems?”

Em: “Pretending to be Margo with her boyfriend”

Hubs: (Under his breath) “Damn movie”

Haha, sucker. All of this shall prove very entertaining when in fact the event actually happens. Poor guy. The love a daddy has for his daughter and the anger and dislike he already has for her potential suitor. Good luck to any guy coming around this house in the future. Hope you can make it past the front door. I’ll be the lady behind the man cleaning a shot gun when he opens the door, with a video camera.