I was reading Mel’s post today and she received a good writing prompt for the new year by Chris Brogan

Choose three words for 2014 that will help define your goals. 

Good idea, right? Great way to reflect upon yourself. So here we go, here are my 3:


Frugal: For someone who lost their job 4 months ago, has a 4 year old daughter and living off one income that is well under 50k; frugality has not been my strong point. It’s a huge adjustment (not like we were rich before, just more poor now) and not an easy one to make. I’ve tried, but I can do better. This next year I plan on working harder at it and hopefully making it easier for us to get by.


Patience: I’m definitely not winning mother of the year. My life has been, needless to say, more stressful lately and I have been yelling and getting irritated with my child a lot more than I need to be. Patience is a virtue, right? Hopefully I can learn to calm my stresses a little more and calmly, but effectively deal with my 4 year old’s outbursts and tantrums. Maybe I should start putting myself on time-out. 😉


Health: This is a big one for me. I have gained A LOT of weight after having my child. Not something I am totally proud of. I don’t eat the best and I don’t exercise like I should. With my hubs and I deciding that we would like to try to have another child before either one of us gets any older, health is more important than ever, especially with the infertility issues I have faced and will be facing in the year to come. I need to just buckle down, cut out A LOT of carbs (which I love way too much), eat more veggies and do some exercising.


I would like to wish you all a wonderful and bright New Year. Be safe out there!