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Today’s post is brought to you straight from the inspiration of the Trifecta Writing Challenge:

33 Words for the Photo Provided – Trifecta Writing Challenge


The Window

Years she has spent in this coffee shop. Studying, researching, preparing herself to make a better life. She’s done too much and come too far to let life, beyond the window, become distraction.


Hello, my name is Tammie and I (along with my 4 year old girlie) am an Imagination Movers fan. I admit, I crank the tunes in my car even when my child is not in the car with me. It makes me happy. There’s no shame in that and I am overly excited to say that they are coming back to (close to) my area in March with another tour. 

People in California, here is the link to the tickets site… Gallo Arts Theater in Modesto, CA

People who do not live in California, here is a link to their website for more touring information… Imagination Movers

If you have NEVER been to their concert you are totally missing out on some major family fun! Let me tell you a little bit about the experience my family and I had back in October 2012 when we went to Santa Rosa to see them play.

My girl has grown up watching these four amazing guys on Disney (now Disney Junior…check your local listings) since she was about 8 months old. She loves their music, always has. When she was about 10 or 11 months, she watched the show so often that she was able to correctly identify the guys and was able to say their names (granted it was a version of their names…Scott was Cott, Rich was Ich, Smitty was Itty and Dave was Dabe, but she knew her guys). When she was about 2 they were going to be having in a concert in Oakland, which I am about 15 minutes away from, and thought it would be a great experience for her to have. Unfortunately she came down with a cold and we weren’t able to go. Thankfully she was still a little young to completely understand, I, however was bummed. After some waiting, another tour was announced and they were going to be in Santa Rosa (2 hours from where I live) the day after Em’s birthday. SCORE!!!!! The excitement on Em’s face was priceless when the tickets came in the mail…


Awe….look at my baby (July 2012) I miss her short hair.


Em in her Mover Suit before we left on our 2 hour journey to awesomeness…she looks just a little excited 😉


Still just a little excited (hehe)…After this pic was taken she was angry to find out that mommy didn’t buy Meet and Greet passes. I was forced to promise those tickets the next time we go (still trying to deliver on that one for March)

Let me tell you, it was a looooooong wait to October, but it was completely worth it! You haven’t experienced a family concert until you have gone to an Imagination Movers concert. It’s loud like a rock concert, so much fun with a lot of interaction from the boys in blue themselves (You will literally see Rich on the balconies…how he gets there so fast I don’t know) making sure that EVERYONE in the house is having an awesome experience no matter what seat you are in. 


See…Rich in the balcony


Dave in the aisles (sorry for the blurriness)


Scott, up close and personal

And yes, Smitty ventures out too. He hopped over a few rows and came right up to Em, who was just in complete awe over the whole thing. He held her hand, he let her touch his guitar, it totally melted my heart.

If you go to their concerts you will experience…

#1 – Family Fun Rock Concert


#2 – 90’s style dancing (Bye Bye Bye…anyone)


#3 – Confetti


#4 – Paper streamers…in yo’ face!


#5 – Smoking bucket launchers (I really don’t know what to call these things…but they’re fun!)


#6 – Comedy


#7 – Most importantly, just good family bonding and fun


So, please, go check out their website – Imagination Movers – and look to see when they are in your town. It’s been a year and a half and my kid STILL talks about it (especially the special moment she shared with Smitty). 

And let me know if you go! Share your experience with others!

It’s amazing what thumbing through an old diary before throwing it out does to you. So many memories rushing back, most of which you remembered why you forgot them in the first place. Surprisingly, the one feeling that stood out the most was contentment. I do not want to be that boy crazed teenager again, who so wished for her first kiss and first boyfriend. Who wrote about nothing but nonsense, which at the time seemed the entire world, but looking back total and absurd nonsense. I guess that’s what being a teenager is about.

One entry I did come across was so completely random (compared to the other entries) and brought back such fond memories of a teacher I had my sophomore and junior year in high school. He was a really nice guy, called every student as Mr. or Miss + their last name as a show of respect. He was a younger teacher and yes, yes, he was attractive. (And if there is anyone reading this that knew me in high school, you most likely know exactly who I am talking about) Probably one of the reason’s he was in my diary. The entry however was about a story he told the class on a whim one day and being older, re-reading this story, how relate able it is now than it was then. 

He told us about this date that he had with this girl he liked while he was going to college. He worked up the nerve to ask her out to their senior formal, she said yes. He spent so much money on his tux that he decided to cook her dinner rather than take her out for dinner before the formal. Come to find out she was a vegetarian and he cooked a meaty dinner. They got through dinner and they went outside to the “sweet ride” (his words) that he had borrowed from his buddy. (convertible) By that time, however, it was too dark and freezing to enjoy, so up went the top. As they are driving, a squirrel darts out in front of the car. She, who you come to find out is a HUGE animal rights activist, gets all teary eyed and asks if he hit the squirrel. His response “I don’t think so”, to which she turns around to look out the back window and yells “You did!” There is silence. Then she slowly looks at him and says “Do you think it’s suffering?” Not sure how to respond he asks “Do you want me to hit it again?” She says yes, and after two U-turns his words “This time I was aiming for that sucker in my headlights.” After all of this, they get to the dance. He asks her if she would like to dance and her response, “I don’t dance”. 

Now you tell me, who doesn’t have a similar story like that? I have a few that I am sure at one point I will share with you, after I’ve had a few drinks.

This teacher was full of stories like this, which made me start to wonder where he was today. Thank you Google! Now 45, he is a head designer and lead engineer for wind turbines in Hawaii. And you know what, he looks exactly the same. I cannot say that for me. I think only my thigh could fit into my cheer-leading outfit now. 

I still threw away the diary. It was nice reminiscing about things, but honestly I am more content making new memories with my family than looking back on the old.

And I still feel bad for that squirrel 17 years later.


Months before Christmas my kid saw this game on TV, Doggie Doo.


She was obsessed with it. I personally found it disgusting, but I guess at 4 pooping and farting are some of the greatest comedy devices on earth. (I guess that can still be truthfully to anyone really) So my husband and I decided that it was a game easy enough for her to play and it does help her with counting to a degree, so we got it for her, only it was going to be from Santa. Yep, I made “Santa” give the pooping dog. 

Don’t get me wrong, this game is still pretty gross to me, but at the same time kinda funny. Believe me, I know I’m not getting a parent of the year award for buying this toy. It does amuse my kid and husband alike, so, that’s got to be worth something. Let me give you a run down of how you play.


First there is the contents of the box. You are given the dog, “cookie” cutter, leash, 4 shovels, dice, dog bone and icky gooey stuff that reminds me of Gak (anyone remember that stuff?)


Take the cookie cutter…


And scoop out some “dog food”


You’ll end up with something like this. Eeeww! It feels as gross as it looks.


That dog sure does look hungry. Feed the dog by shoving the “food” into his mouth


Take the dog bone and place this into the dog’s mouth, shoving it all the way back. Leave the bone in the dog’s mouth. This step is very important, otherwise it will not work.


Pick the color shovel you would like. My kid chose purple and I picked blue.


First player sticks their shovel behind the dogs, um, bottom.


Roll the die


Squeeze the leash to the amount shown on the die


Eventually, this is what happens. I know, I know, gross. I’m still not sure what is more disturbing, the doodoo coming out or the sound it makes when you are squeezing the leash. Trust me, it’s pretty gross.

It’s not the best game my kid could have gotten, but it makes her laugh and really isn’t that what we want to hear, our kids giggles? Like I said, she is obsessed with bodily functions right now and eventually she will grow out of it and this game will be a goner, maybe. My husband finds it pretty amusing. I guess I should have bought it for him for our anniversary instead.

This post was inspired by a writing prompt from Mama Kat :

Pinterest inspired! Share a pin you actually tried. How did it go?


I LOVE PINTEREST!!!!! And I actually do try a lot of things off of there. Most of my attempts are dinner ideas, but since I am a stay-at-home mom, I am delving into the crafty side of myself. I’ve done some Christmas crafts that came out really well, putting my own little spin on them…



So, for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make heart crayons for Em’s preschool classmates (instead of handing out candy with the Valentine’s cards) and I got the idea from Chef Messy



This craft is so incredibly easy and the finished product is really cool looking. I, however, didn’t realized the major fit my daughter would have when she saw her old crayon nubs being used for a “greater purpose”. While she was at school I searched through her crayon box for broken crayons, ones that you really couldn’t use to color with. I made 1 heart crayon, just to see if the project turned out right. When this kid got home from school, holy crap! It was like I took her favorite toys and melted them in the oven. I tried explaining to her what they were for and that I only used the crayons that were basically nubs. I don’t see why I took the time to try to reason with an independent four year old, obviously I wouldn’t win that fight. She made me stick all the nubs that I had set aside to use, back into her crayon box…



And then break the heart crayon that I had just made. Of course the heart crayon wouldn’t break easily, and I was so frustrated that I smashed it with a hammer (not my greatest moment).

A few days passed and all of a sudden she wanted to make the heart crayons for her friends at school. Are you freakin’ kidding me? It’s okay now? Maybe the tantrum was because I did it without her there? Don’t really know, but now I can make these. So we sat down, stripped some of the crayons down, broke them up, baked them at 250 for 15 minutes, let them cool and this is what we got…


Pretty awesome, right? So much better than handing out candy to the already active preschoolers. They turned out so pretty! Em kept one for herself and picked out the ones she wanted to hand out to her best friends…



I love Pinterest!!!!! I never would have thought about doing something like this. You should try it! Super easy, kids can help, and they turn out beautiful! Happy crafting!

So today, while I was on a 3 hour hold time to speak with someone regarding health insurance in California (yes I said 3 hours) I decided to thumb through an educational toy magazine that was mailed to me. Hey, I am ALL about educational toys. Kids need something other than staring at the TV like a zombie in training or playing endlessly with dolls and such. So, as I was looking through this magazine I found some scary ass  shouldn’t have been made  interesting learning toys that I thought I would share for your viewing pleasure.

#1 on the list…The phone that will let you “Hear” yourself talk


I don’t know about you, but I can hear myself talk pretty well. Maybe I am missing something with this toy.


#2 on the list…Emotion Bears


These just cracked me up. I get that kids need to learn emotions, but with a cuddly teddy bear? Teddy bears are suppose to be happy, right?


#3 on the list…The Evacuation Crib



This is actually a great idea, especially for child care providers, but they look kinda creepy to me with the clear plastic viewing chamber. Doesn’t it look like it’s something that belongs in a zoo?


#4 on the list…”Realistic” Looking Dolls


To tell the truth, I am not a huge fan of dolls like this. Mainly because I was mentally scarred as a young child by a life size doll that came to me in a clear plastic box. According to my mom I screamed and hid. My great-grandmother at that time couldn’t understand what my problem was. My mom tells me that it literally looked like a girl in a coffin. Well there you go, my lifetime fear of dolls solved. Look deep into these babies eyes. You tell me they aren’t plotting a murder while you sleep. Yeah, that’s right. You see it, don’t you? I’m not crazy. (Well, the jury is still out on that one)


#5 on the list…More Dolls


I don’t need to explain this one any further. But seriously, look at the little girl doll on the far left. Her hair is levitating above her head. I don’t look so crazy now, do I?


#6 on the list (final one)…The Human Organ Apron


(Sigh) Like I said before, I am all about the learning, but this…this is just unsettling to me. I guess it could be worse.


And there you have it, the educational toys I found. Remember while you sleep at night to look up the dolls in the closets. Those beady little eyes are planning something. It wouldn’t hurt to put a bell on that closet door either. Sleep tight.


This morning while doing my hair, and when I say doing I mean basically brushing and putting in a ponytail because I am HORRIBLE with hair, I noticed something a little disturbing. Does these little dudes look familiar?


If you have seen the Wizard of Oz, and to be completely honest who hasn’t seen this iconic movie, then you would know these little guys as the Munchkins who represent the Lollipop Guild. This movie creeped me the heck out as a child and to tell the truth, still does to this day.

So what do these guys have to do with my disturbing discovery? Well, focus on the munchkin to the right. The dude in the blue.


Nice hair, right? Well, to my astonishment, I have some gray hairs that are trying to accomplish that same hair style. Oh I am so lucky. And no matter how much I brush my hair, the little menaces will not go back. The hair style is bad enough, but for them to be gray makes it even better! I am just thankful that it is just a few and not the size of this dudes. Maybe, if I’m fortunate enough I can start a new trend. Be cool (is it still cool to say COOL?) 


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