Tonight I have witnessed the worst tantrum    fit   toddler nervous breakdown my child has EVER had in the fours years thus far in her life. I chalk it up to mostly being tired and refusing to go to sleep. She has had an attitude problem (basically since she came out of the womb) all day and when I asked her to go wash her hands before dinner, the gates of hell opened and an eternal stream of fire was released. 

Not only did I have to get a good ol’ Wet Wipe to cleanse her hands (since walking to the bathroom was impossible), she demanded that I get DIRTY water so that she can make her hands dirty again. WHAT?!? In the words of my best friend “she’s lucky I’m not crazy.”

What sets off these insane moments that last hours, but feels like eternity? And how did our parents survive? Sometimes it feels like she may be the end of me or just the end of my brown hair. Hence, the name of this blog.

Can I pull this off as an adult? There are TONS of things I would LOVE to throw a tantrum about. I’m sure after some time I would feel better. If you haven’t watched the You Tube video yet about Adult Tantrums, you need to. It is hilarious and totally accurate if it were acceptable for us to act like children. The link is below, enjoy! 🙂

Wish me luck. It is 8:19pm here in Cali and I am going to attempt to put my child to bed. If anyone hears of an earthquake in the Bay Area of California, it’s just from my child rattling the earth with her scream. No worries.