This morning while doing my hair, and when I say doing I mean basically brushing and putting in a ponytail because I am HORRIBLE with hair, I noticed something a little disturbing. Does these little dudes look familiar?


If you have seen the Wizard of Oz, and to be completely honest who hasn’t seen this iconic movie, then you would know these little guys as the Munchkins who represent the Lollipop Guild. This movie creeped me the heck out as a child and to tell the truth, still does to this day.

So what do these guys have to do with my disturbing discovery? Well, focus on the munchkin to the right. The dude in the blue.


Nice hair, right? Well, to my astonishment, I have some gray hairs that are trying to accomplish that same hair style. Oh I am so lucky. And no matter how much I brush my hair, the little menaces will not go back. The hair style is bad enough, but for them to be gray makes it even better! I am just thankful that it is just a few and not the size of this dudes. Maybe, if I’m fortunate enough I can start a new trend. Be cool (is it still cool to say COOL?)