This post was inspired by a writing prompt from Mama Kat :

Pinterest inspired! Share a pin you actually tried. How did it go?


I LOVE PINTEREST!!!!! And I actually do try a lot of things off of there. Most of my attempts are dinner ideas, but since I am a stay-at-home mom, I am delving into the crafty side of myself. I’ve done some Christmas crafts that came out really well, putting my own little spin on them…



So, for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make heart crayons for Em’s preschool classmates (instead of handing out candy with the Valentine’s cards) and I got the idea from Chef Messy



This craft is so incredibly easy and the finished product is really cool looking. I, however, didn’t realized the major fit my daughter would have when she saw her old crayon nubs being used for a “greater purpose”. While she was at school I searched through her crayon box for broken crayons, ones that you really couldn’t use to color with. I made 1 heart crayon, just to see if the project turned out right. When this kid got home from school, holy crap! It was like I took her favorite toys and melted them in the oven. I tried explaining to her what they were for and that I only used the crayons that were basically nubs. I don’t see why I took the time to try to reason with an independent four year old, obviously I wouldn’t win that fight. She made me stick all the nubs that I had set aside to use, back into her crayon box…



And then break the heart crayon that I had just made. Of course the heart crayon wouldn’t break easily, and I was so frustrated that I smashed it with a hammer (not my greatest moment).

A few days passed and all of a sudden she wanted to make the heart crayons for her friends at school. Are you freakin’ kidding me? It’s okay now? Maybe the tantrum was because I did it without her there? Don’t really know, but now I can make these. So we sat down, stripped some of the crayons down, broke them up, baked them at 250 for 15 minutes, let them cool and this is what we got…


Pretty awesome, right? So much better than handing out candy to the already active preschoolers. They turned out so pretty! Em kept one for herself and picked out the ones she wanted to hand out to her best friends…



I love Pinterest!!!!! I never would have thought about doing something like this. You should try it! Super easy, kids can help, and they turn out beautiful! Happy crafting!