Months before Christmas my kid saw this game on TV, Doggie Doo.


She was obsessed with it. I personally found it disgusting, but I guess at 4 pooping and farting are some of the greatest comedy devices on earth. (I guess that can still be truthfully to anyone really) So my husband and I decided that it was a game easy enough for her to play and it does help her with counting to a degree, so we got it for her, only it was going to be from Santa. Yep, I made “Santa” give the pooping dog. 

Don’t get me wrong, this game is still pretty gross to me, but at the same time kinda funny. Believe me, I know I’m not getting a parent of the year award for buying this toy. It does amuse my kid and husband alike, so, that’s got to be worth something. Let me give you a run down of how you play.


First there is the contents of the box. You are given the dog, “cookie” cutter, leash, 4 shovels, dice, dog bone and icky gooey stuff that reminds me of Gak (anyone remember that stuff?)


Take the cookie cutter…


And scoop out some “dog food”


You’ll end up with something like this. Eeeww! It feels as gross as it looks.


That dog sure does look hungry. Feed the dog by shoving the “food” into his mouth


Take the dog bone and place this into the dog’s mouth, shoving it all the way back. Leave the bone in the dog’s mouth. This step is very important, otherwise it will not work.


Pick the color shovel you would like. My kid chose purple and I picked blue.


First player sticks their shovel behind the dogs, um, bottom.


Roll the die


Squeeze the leash to the amount shown on the die


Eventually, this is what happens. I know, I know, gross. I’m still not sure what is more disturbing, the doodoo coming out or the sound it makes when you are squeezing the leash. Trust me, it’s pretty gross.

It’s not the best game my kid could have gotten, but it makes her laugh and really isn’t that what we want to hear, our kids giggles? Like I said, she is obsessed with bodily functions right now and eventually she will grow out of it and this game will be a goner, maybe. My husband finds it pretty amusing. I guess I should have bought it for him for our anniversary instead.