It’s amazing what thumbing through an old diary before throwing it out does to you. So many memories rushing back, most of which you remembered why you forgot them in the first place. Surprisingly, the one feeling that stood out the most was contentment. I do not want to be that boy crazed teenager again, who so wished for her first kiss and first boyfriend. Who wrote about nothing but nonsense, which at the time seemed the entire world, but looking back total and absurd nonsense. I guess that’s what being a teenager is about.

One entry I did come across was so completely random (compared to the other entries) and brought back such fond memories of a teacher I had my sophomore and junior year in high school. He was a really nice guy, called every student as Mr. or Miss + their last name as a show of respect. He was a younger teacher and yes, yes, he was attractive. (And if there is anyone reading this that knew me in high school, you most likely know exactly who I am talking about) Probably one of the reason’s he was in my diary. The entry however was about a story he told the class on a whim one day and being older, re-reading this story, how relate able it is now than it was then. 

He told us about this date that he had with this girl he liked while he was going to college. He worked up the nerve to ask her out to their senior formal, she said yes. He spent so much money on his tux that he decided to cook her dinner rather than take her out for dinner before the formal. Come to find out she was a vegetarian and he cooked a meaty dinner. They got through dinner and they went outside to the “sweet ride” (his words) that he had borrowed from his buddy. (convertible) By that time, however, it was too dark and freezing to enjoy, so up went the top. As they are driving, a squirrel darts out in front of the car. She, who you come to find out is a HUGE animal rights activist, gets all teary eyed and asks if he hit the squirrel. His response “I don’t think so”, to which she turns around to look out the back window and yells “You did!” There is silence. Then she slowly looks at him and says “Do you think it’s suffering?” Not sure how to respond he asks “Do you want me to hit it again?” She says yes, and after two U-turns his words “This time I was aiming for that sucker in my headlights.” After all of this, they get to the dance. He asks her if she would like to dance and her response, “I don’t dance”. 

Now you tell me, who doesn’t have a similar story like that? I have a few that I am sure at one point I will share with you, after I’ve had a few drinks.

This teacher was full of stories like this, which made me start to wonder where he was today. Thank you Google! Now 45, he is a head designer and lead engineer for wind turbines in Hawaii. And you know what, he looks exactly the same. I cannot say that for me. I think only my thigh could fit into my cheer-leading outfit now. 

I still threw away the diary. It was nice reminiscing about things, but honestly I am more content making new memories with my family than looking back on the old.

And I still feel bad for that squirrel 17 years later.