Since my daughter started Preschool in September 2013, she refuses to tell my husband and I anything that goes on at school, learning wise anyway. She’ll talk about recess and her friends, but when it comes down to what she has learned for the day she is shut tighter than an underwater vault. I’ve talked to some of the parents (at least the ones that will talk to me) and the answers all seem to be the same. No kid talks about school to their parents. I have decided that once they go into this school they have taken a secret oath, “What Happens Inside the Preschool Stays Inside the Preschool”. Dang kids and their secret societies. I don’t remember being like that, even if it was *cough*cough* years ago.

Outside of the classroom where you sign your child in, is a notebook where you can list your questions to the teacher and she will call you later that day. I was curious as to how my little maniac was doing at school and how her learning was coming along. I wasn’t too concerned with the learning because she knows her alphabet, can count to at least 20 and can write her name. However, when the teacher called me later that day, all of my non-concerns went right out the window.


What do you do when you are told that your child isn’t “academically” ready? 

When these words came out of the teacher’s mouth it literally felt like someone punched me in the gut.



What do you mean my child isn’t academically ready? Does she have a learning disability? How concerned should I be? What can I do?

Fortunately, the teacher didn’t think she had a learning disability. My kid is an overly social butterfly. I already knew this. She will talk to anyone and everyone. According to her teacher, she makes friends easily, she is always raising her hand and she is helpful with the teachers. This is all fine and dandy, but when it comes down to listening, answering questions to stories that were just read or focusing, it is apparent to the teacher that my daughter isn’t ready to learn. She said that my daughter can’t write her name, which is odd because I have seen her on more than one occasion do so. The main issue the teacher has with her is her inability to focus. She has to be constantly doing something, constantly moving around.

After speaking with her teacher and learning what I can do to help my daughter do better in school (after asking), one major question ran through my head. Why was I not alerted about this earlier? Why did it take me to write a simple question in a book to learn this? I guess that’s two questions. 

We started working daily, that is until she got the stomach flu last week, on tracing letters and basic letter and number recognition. My kid is a smart girl, I know, I’ve seen it. So why doesn’t she apply this at school. I sat down and voiced my concerns with my 4 year old. I explained that it is very important that when she is at school she is there to learn. Yes, there is times to play (3 to be exact) but the rest of the time she is there, it is time to pay attention to the teacher, listen when you are to listen and answer questions when asked.

She goes back to school this week and I am curious as to how much of our talk sunk into that beautiful head of her’s. There is a parent/teacher conference at the end of this month, so I guess I will learn then. She is only 4 and this is the first time she is surrounded by a bunch of kids her age 6 hours a week, I understand why she just wants to play when she is there (even if I was and am a complete introvert). I just get concerned because there is so much expected of children now to be able to get into Kindergarten. If she doesn’t test well (which is what her teacher said) she will be held back. All I can do is work with her at home, hope that the teachers are working with her at school and pray that she starts to understand the importance.