I can safely bet that a majority of you have played with PlayDoh as a kid.


How can you blame us, right? It’s fun to play with and the possibilities of what you can make are endless. A great imagination builder.

Does anyone out there remember Gak?


Nickelodeon was a major participator of this “wonderful” creation. I was never really a fan of it, it just felt gross. My younger brother, on the other hand, LOVED this stuff. It was gross, slimey, could stretch it forever and you could make fart noises with it.

My mom was never a fan of either item, and with reluctance, let us play with them. I never really understood why she disliked it so much, she still does to this day. However, once I had a child of my own, I completely understand her hatred for these “toys”.

First, let’s start off with my love/hate relationship with PlayDoh. Yes, it is fun to create things with. Yes, it keeps your child quiet long enough for you to finish chores around the house. Yes, it can be a great sensory learning tool for your child. However, with a young child who doesn’t like to clean up after herself, the dough quickly hardens and I am left with empty canisters. True, it is partially my fault for not “training” my child to pick up her mess. It’s not like I haven’t tried and in all honesty I use to pick up the stuff and put it away, but like most parents of head strong children, you give up and let them learn from their mistakes. “You don’t clean up the PlayDoh, it gets ruined and I throw it away.” My husband and I refuse to by her more, but the dang grandparents….COME ON!!!!! I call my mom out all the time on it saying, “You hated this stuff when I was a kid and you don’t even like it now. Why the hell do you keep buying it for her?” My mother’s response, “Because I don’t have to deal with it.” Well played mother, well played.

My main issue I have with the PlahDoh is the mess it leaves behind, on my carpet. My house consists of half carpet and half hardwood. Where my daughter plays with this stuff is in the dinning room, where there is carpet. I don’t have a playroom, which would make my life a little easier, and I don’t really want her playing with PlayDoh in her room (I can only imagine the places I would find it). After she is done playing, the amounts of small, crumbed pieces of PlayDoh is remarkable. Ever go to the beach and come home to find sand in every crevice possible and wonder how it got there and why there is so much of it? Yeah, that’s how I feel about the minuscule pieces of PlayDoh on my carpet. How can one 2oz canister of PlayDoh create such of a mess? It baffles me. I fear I may soon kill my vacuum cleaner from using it so often to pick up the messes left behind. And don’t even get me started on some of the “maker” toys you can buy for this stuff. I have a review of my own coming for one of these PlayDoh maker toys, stay tuned.

My next issue, which is just a hate/hate relationship, Gak. Like I said before, I remember this stuff from the 90’s. My brother had neon green (which I guess you could say is it’s true, identifiable color). Needless to say, with my mom, this stuff didn’t last long in the house and I can completely understand why. This stuff sucks!!!!! It stains carpets, furniture, clothing, you name it. It can be broken into the smallest of small pieces, making it easier to stain surfaces because you don’t see it at first and by the time you do, it’s too late. To me, this stuff just feels gross. It reminds me of really gross, thick, mucus snot (I apologize for the visual). The only reason my kid has this disgusting invention is because “Santa” brought her Doggie Doo for Christmas. You can read all about my blog post of that toy here… Games Sure Have Changed Not one of the greatest toy decisions ever made.

She sure looks happy, right?


Poor Cinderella never stood a chance. Princesses everywhere are cringing right now and possibly hiding in an underground shelter. I don’t blame them. After this attack, Cinderella just won’t be the same.

Speaking as a parent, messy toys are just a pain in the butt, but for the kids the messier the better. Trust me, when my daughter has kids (oh dear God, just the thought) believe you me, her kids will have wagon loads of this stuff. It’s what grandparents are for, right?