I LOVE watching the Olympics. The opening ceremonies, the athleticism, the pride you feel for you country, it is all amazing. Somehow, my child avoided all the opening ceremony stuff (I thought she would enjoy watching it, but she was bored), so I wanted to at least try to get her to watch some of the competitions.

First up: Slope Style



This is amazing to watch. How they can just seamlessly fly in the air and do all those cool tricks is just unbelievable. I thought, yeah, this kid will LOVE to watch this. Not so much. She watched a little and moved on to more “important” things, like playing with her dolls. Hmm…ok, so slope style isn’t her cup of tea. Moving on.

Next: Cross Country Skiing


Ok, I kind of already knew the results of this one. To be completely honest, I get a little bored after a fashion watching this. She held on for a whole 30 seconds before moving on to something different. Imagination Mover dance party anyone?

And now for something completely different (My Monty Python quote for today): Men’s Ice Skating


I thought for sure she would be interested in this. She LOVES to dance and this is sort of dancing, on ice. She sat with me and the men’s programs were on. (Before Yevgeny Plushenko bowed out of the competition, which was quite sad) My child sat on the couch watching the men warm up and the first comment to come out of her little mouth,

“Mom, these are guys, right?”


“Why are they wearing sparkles? That dude is more sparkly than the girls.”

Haha…not really much I can say about that. It is kind of true. She did watch a few of the men skate before she darted off to her room to take care of, what I’m assuming, more important matters. At least I got her to watch a few performances.

On to the next: Skeleton


How these athletes do this, I have no idea. This looks absolutely terrifying. I almost want to watch it through my fingers. The speed these people can go down the hill. I would need a new spandex outfit after that. This has to interest the child, at least scare the crap out of her. In her words,

” That looks easy. Penguins do that.”

Mini-comedian, smart ass. This is true, I’ve seen penguins slide down snowy hills like this and dive into the water. Well played child.

Is there anything that will impress this child? She is only four, so it’s possible she just isn’t ready for this kind of excitement. Someday, someday. Until then, I enjoy listening to her little comments.