So Michele and Mel at Ketchup With Us had a great idea. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write whatever comes to mind. Alrighty, challenge excepted (even though it wasn’t expected of us, but sounds fun to me). And go….

So I am sitting in the bathroom while typing this, no you sick minded people, not doing that. My daughter is sitting in the bathtub playing with her Little Mermaid toys. So I decided to take this time to write and possibly pick my child’s brain about school. Like I’ve said before, school seems to be a secret society for only the cool kids at her preschool. (And I just got squirted, along with the laptop, with water by that damn Flounder toy. Screw you fish!) Where was I, oh yes, secret society. Talking with the parents at school, while we are all huddled outside the classroom door waiting patiently to round up our kids, I found out that none of the children talk about school. The conversations usually go like this:

How was school?


What did you learn today?

I don’t remember.

Did you learn any numbers?


How about letters from the alphabet?

Nope. I played in the sandbox though!

Um, ok. Sounds fun. What stories did you listen to?

Really mom? I don’t know. Can’t remember.


Really, this type of conversation can go on for days (or at least it feels like days while I am trying to pry out information). What cracks me up is when this girl starts talking about the boys she plays with at school. I make sure I wait to ask any of those questions until hubs gets home. The thought of boys and our baby girl brings out some type of Super Dad in my husband that I personally find hilarious. Trust me, this girly doesn’t need her daddy’s help against the boys. I have a feeling she can take care of herself quite well when the time comes. She is one tough little cookie. Totally didn’t get that from me. I’m the silent, shy type; very introverted. Em on the other hand, she will start up random conversations in line at the grocery store with people. My complete opposite, the social butterfly. I needed some help opening my wings, this little sucker jumped right out of the cocoon, wings spread wide open and flew straight out into the uncharted, open skies. To be quite honest, I am a little jealous of that. Even now I am shy and often wait for people to start up a conversation with me before I talk. Stick me in a room of people I don’t know and I will be the coward in the corner sipping my wine and observing everyone’s move. Em, on the other hand, center of attention. She amazes me every time I look at her. What this girl will be capable of in the future is going to be nothing more than astounding. With a social butterfly, the sky is the limit.

And my 10 minutes is up. Whew! (wiping brow)