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Have you seen the Nana YouTube Sensation? If not, then boy are you in for a treat!

I couldn’t help but smile, laugh and cry. This woman can move at 88! First, I hope to live to make it to 88. Second, I hope to be this full of life at that age. This woman reminded me A LOT of my own Nana. I’ve written about her before on this blog. She was amazing! I remember her dancing around, somewhat like this lady, when I was  younger. Man do I miss her! 

That’s it. I just wanted to share this with y’all. It brightened my day and brought back some really good memories. Hope it can do the same for you.


I received a phone call today, which I let go to voice mail. It was the Reproductive Center for Kaiser Permanente apologizing for the almost 4 month delay on the referral my doctor had sent them. Listening to the message, my heart just drops. A million questions run frantically through my head. 


Why do I have to do this again?

Why can’t I just be “normal“?

Do I want to go through all of this again?

Am I strong enough? Physically and mentally?

Am I going through too much stress right now to even consider trying to conceive again?

Can we financially afford another child?

I can’t help but tear up a little bit when I starting thinking of all of this. Going through trials and them not taking is painful. Knowing that you are the one that has the infertility issue makes it all the worse. I always feel like I have let my husband down, even though I know he doesn’t feel this way. And in some sort of odd way, I feel like I have let myself down as well. 

Even though we did conceive about 5 years ago and we became parents to a beautifully amazing daughter, I have this gut feeling that it may be tougher this time. I am in my, I guess, mid 30’s now and I’m sure my egg count is significantly lower because of that. Seriously, just typing this is giving me anxiety. 

I do want another kid (it would be awesome if we were blessed with a boy this time around, even though my daughter prefers a sister) and Em would be such an amazing big sister. She has this certain knack with little kids. They LOVE her! And she adores them! People call her the “Little Mama” because she tries to take care of the younger kids when she is around them. I would like to have another kid before she gets any older, there is already going to be a 6 year difference between the ages.

Cost is another huge factor in all of this. Fertility treatments are expensive! We do have some insurance help this time, but still, money is tight right now and I don’t know if we can really spare the extra $100 per visit. But, again, with that come the “I want to get it done before I’m older” thing.

Too much, just too much!

People often wonder why I share this personal information about myself with strangers. The fact of the matter is that if I’m able to help anyone else that is going through the same thing for the first time or even the 100th by sharing my story, then I am going to. It’s not an easy subject to be open with. It hurts and every time you tell it, it just reopens that wound. But I would rather reopen that wound to give hope to others (since I did end up conceiving) than keep it sealed shut.

Infertility is depressing, scary, difficult and painful, but it’s not the end all of everything. There are always alternatives, whether it be treatment, surrogacy or adoption. Families aren’t unattainable, just sometimes it requires a little more faith, strength and devoted love to get there.

Well, my fellow followers and bloggers, I have been blogging for 1 whole year today! Happy Anniversary to me! And, what seems fitting, is that I posted my 100th blog post yesterday. Do I got timing or what? 😉 

This whole blogging thing started out as just something random to do. A year later, it has turned into something much more than that. It has definitely helped me with my writing, it has become a great sense of stress release (and Lord knows I got some stress going on around here), it has given me the opportunity to discover some really great blog hops, blogs and along with that comes some really great reading and awesome blogging friends. 

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for liking, following and reading my blog.  I truly enjoy writing and I am so thankful you all enjoy reading my random thoughts.


Ah…it’s finally spring! Good riddance you piece-o-crapola winter! Even though we here in California haven’t had it nearly as bad as the rest of y’all (in fact, most freak out when it just rains here…pansies) it has been a horrible winter cold season. And to that, I am kicking winter to the curb. Bags packed and I’m changing the locks. Bring it spring! Save us all! Take away that grumpiness and bring the love! I’m sure most of you are familiar with the word twitterpated…

Around here, it’s been looking like spring for quite some time. We’ve had 70+ degree weather (I know, you hate me) and a lot of things are already blooming. Needless to say, we are ALL a little confused around here. What made me excited is that I get to get my garden going. Yay for home grown veggies! I usually have a horrible green thumb. I kill everything, most often the plants that are suppose to be hard to kill. So I was really pleased when I saw that I started growing peas, squash, carrots and onions all by myself from a seed! A SEED!!!! Ha…take that curse of the green thumb!


Also, lots of the spring time flowers have already popped up, some of which I forgot I had planted last year. Such a wonderful and beautiful surprise.


Even the apricot tree on our bottom yard is already forming lots of delicious apricots, which we will never eat because the birds always seem to get to them first. Same with the blueberries.

Spring time also means LOTS of outdoor time and when you have a 4 year old that can’t sit still, outdoor time is AWESOME! 


So bring it spring time! Show us what you got! You can totally out due winter.

This was a writing prompt inspired by:

Mama Kat

Head on over and see what prompts she has to inspire you!

I decided to do a fun experiment with my 4 year old today. I Googled some ideas and found this one: The Rainbow Density Experiment

It took a few times (of course I did something wrong the first time), but the results are pretty amazing once you do it correctly. If you have sugar, glasses and water at home, then you can do this experiment. It’s great for little ones. Be sure to ask their input while you are doing it. I asked my daughter which liquid, after the sugar was added, would be the heaviest. She looked at me and pointed to the correct glass. My kid’s a genius! 🙂  Have fun with this one and let me know what you kids thought of it. Great to do on a boring or rainy day.



The Rainbow Density Experiment

What You Are Going to Need:

5 clear glasses

A spoon



Food Coloring (preferably not the gel kind)


1. Line up the 5 glasses

2. Put 1 tablespoon of sugar in the first glass

3. Put 2 tablespoons of sugar in the second glass

4. Put 3 tablespoons of sugar in the third glass

5. Put 4 tablespoons of sugar in the fourth glass

6. Leave the fifth glass empty. This glass will be the one used to pour the solutions into.

7. Place 3 tablespoons of water into EACH of the first four glasses, again, leaving the fifth glass empty.

8. Mix the sugar solutions in each glass until all the sugar is dissolved.


9. In the first glass (the one with 1 tablespoon of sugar) place 2 drops of red food coloring and mix.

10. In the second glass (the one with 2 tablespoons of sugar) place 2 drops of yellow food coloring and mix.

11. In the third glass (the one with 3 tablespoons of sugar) place 2 drops of green food coloring and mix.

12. In the fourth glass (the one with 4 tablespoons of sugar) place 2 drops of blue food coloring and mix.


13. First, pour the blue mix into the empty glass.


14. Next, turning your spoon so the backside is facing up. Place the spoon right above the blue water and SLOWLY pour the green mix over the spoon. This should allow the green to gently settle over the blue mix.


15. Repeat the above step with the yellow mix being placed over the green and then the red mix being placed over the yellow.


16. TADA!!!!! There you have it. Your very own rainbow. Pretty cool, huh?


I love looking through odd novelty magazines! You never know what you are going to find inside and that’s half the fun! I recently received one of these magazines and thought I would share some of the hidden treasures with you lovely people.



I don’t know about you, but I love having things talk to me while I am doing my business (totally being sarcastic). I have enough distraction going on. I have a four year old that inevitably has to go as soon as I shut the door (mind you, we only have 1 bathroom in this house. How my Nanie raised 3 children with 1 bathroom I will never know.) and a cat that races to the door to get there before you so he can drink out of the sink faucet. Yep, definitely don’t need a talking toilet paper roll in my life.


Are you getting tired of those darn bug zappers hanging on your patio? Or is that tennis racket zapper making your arm tired? Well, zapper no more! Now you can vacuum those little buggers right up. No more hearing that irritating buzz when those pesky flies run into that electric rod and feeling guilty for their death by electrocution. I love how in this picture the bugs are enormous! Someone is going to need a bigger bug vacuum.


Now these! I can totally see people buying these. In fact, I think I know a few people I might send this to. Who doesn’t want a pair of silly sunglasses with a mustache attached? There is also a “biker” model if anyone is interested.


Do you get cold while you are out in the woods hunting, but don’t want to wear a jacket or wrap yourself in a blanket in fear of giving away your location to your prey? Well, do I have the blanket for you, or should I say Snuggie. Yep, you see this right. Snuggie made a camouflage version for those active hunters out there. Now you can stay warm AND hidden. Awesome!


This is another product I may give to a few people in my life. Dang beaches, at least in California, and your no alcohol laws. Now people have to be all sneaky about it and store the goods in a sunscreen bottle. (SMH) Seriously, this could be really dangerous, especially for kiddos that already try to eat the real sunscreen out of the bottle.


The money snatcher. Making life easier for pick-pockets since early 2000’s. What the hell? I know this is, at least I think it is, a gag gift. But you know there are going to be SOME people out there really trying to use this for OTHER reasons.


Do you hate the taste of coffee, but LOVE the smell? Well now you can savor that smell forever when you purchase the coffee pen. You can smell that delicious coffee all day long as you write. Come on! Who WOULDN’T want this pen! 😉 I wonder if it really does smell like coffee? Hmm…someone want to buy this and let me know?


I really wish I lived in NOLA, especially for Mardi Gras. The light up hair would be PERFECT! You could be your own float or parade with that baby. As for the the 4th of July thing going on, on that lady’s head above, does anyone else think she looks like a Muppet? 


And last, but definitely not least, my absolute favorite find in this magazine….



Do you have a bald dude in your life that LOVES that close shave on his noggin? Well, look no further. This razor is the perfect gift. If you look closely you’ll see that…


Yep, it’s shaped like a car. I may have to buy this for my little brother. That’s what older sister’s are for, right? Dig that early balding knife a little deeper in that wound. I love my brother, but this is hilarious. Your birthday is coming up in July little bro and I already found your present. 🙂

I wouldn’t say I’m the best cook in the world. I’ve been known to burn things (quite a lot of things actually) from time to time. But with all my cooking, I haven’t killed anyone yet…so…that’s a positive, right? So let me spread a little bit of my kitchen knowledge with you and use with caution. 😉


1. If you don’t like spicy stuff and your dish calls for 1 tsp of red pepper flakes, don’t use 1 tsp of red pepper flakes. 

2. Make sure you know the difference between 1 tsp and 1 tbs, there is a difference. A BIG ONE! (For those who don’t know, the teaspoon “tsp” is the smaller one)

3. Turn on your cooking devices before you leave the house to run errands or go to work. Yeah, like Mama Kat, I put chicken in the crockpot and forgot to turn it on. Take-out anyone?

4. Vegetables (especially green onions and asparagus) turn slimy and disgusting after a week in the fridge. There are many times where I have gagged with this one.

5. Scrap burnt stuff off the bottom of your oven before turning it on! Yeah, my hubs thought I started a fire. Totally looked like one and the house had that nice charred smell.

6. Make sure your fingers are out of the way when you are using sharp knives. That was a painful lesson.

7. Never ever ever use water to try to put out a grease fire! I did this when I was a teenager at my parents house while they were gone. Fire=putting out with water, right? Yeah, not in this situation. I didn’t, however, burn the house down. So, positive on that one, even though my parents didn’t see it that way.


This was a writing prompt inspired by:

Mama Kat

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