Yay for the 1st of the month (ok, I’m actually a wee bit late, but better late than never) and it’s time to Ketchup with Mel and Michele once again. I have the esteemed honor of being their featured writer this time around. (Oh, man…the pressure. Better make this post a good one.) I decided to do the “brain drain” blog method again. Actually, I find these kinda fun. You never know what’s going to come out and to be completely truthful, it’s where some of the most honest writing (at least from these fingers) comes from. Plus, no prepping or drafting. I am so down with that.  So….here…we…go…


This morning, while suffering from a brain bending headache, (which may or may not have been enduced by the following) I enrolled my pre-schooler into the Castro Valley School District for the 2014-2015 school year. Because of my little monster’s birthday, she has to be in a 2 year Kindergarten program, nevertheless, she will be officially a Kindergartner at the end of May. I literally want to go curl up in a ball, hide in my closet (with chocolate and wine to survive) and cry it out. Does anyone want to tell me when this decided to happen?!? Didn’t I just give birth to this child, like, yesterday? 


Okay, okay…maybe I am being a little, teensy weensy, mellow dramatic, but she is may baby. My only one! Time goes by way too fast! You hear your own parents say it from the time you are born, until…well…current day, but you never really believe them until you have a little person of your own. And when that day comes, holy crap is it terrifying. Some days I feel like you are spinning in a tornado with time itself, frantically trying to grasp any millisecond you can, just to make it slow down, even for just a little bit. The realization of time also makes you think of things you don’t even begin or for that matter, want to think about. In a way, it’s a good reminder of things that should be important to you. Family, love, togetherness, cherishing every moment you have.

So, go hug your loved ones. Right now! Go! I’m not kidding! You can’t get time back (although I am working on a time machine, so maybe someday that will be possible).