This weekend is a busy weekend. Sunday is my birthday, (blah…whatever) I’ll be 34 and I am convinced that if ignore it, it will go away. So far it’s worked the past few years, I’m still 29!

This Saturday also marks the 2 year long wait for the return of the Imagination Movers to the Bay Area (technically they are coming to the valley, whatever, close enough). This kid loves her boys in blue (and if you haven’t checked out their latest album, and you totally should…listen to it here…Back In Blue ). Like I mentioned in my other post (read it here) my little minion has been listening to these four very talented men since she was 8 months old. This time, with the help of some amazing individuals, my daughter’s dream of meeting them in person has come true. 

To commemorate this very special event, we have begun a countdown every morning when she wakes up. I swear, she sequels like a teenager when we begin the countdown (and afterwards). Her excitement makes me excited, not like I wasn’t excited before, just more so now when I see her face light up. I have to confess a little bit though, I am a little nervous. In this house, Movers are major celebrities. I’ve never really met a celebrity before, well…no, I take that back. I met Danny Glover when I was in middle school, but it was a quick autograph signing. Over quickly, but still pretty cool; especially to this girl who longed to be a movie director. Anywho, what do I say? What do I do? How do I not embarrass my 4 year old daughter? (if you think it’s impossible to embarrass a 4 year old, trust me, it’s not. Ask my kid.)

She wanted to bring them gifts. So we crafted up some things, even for Farmer Kyle (who is the drummer for the band on the road), wrapped them all up pretty like, and kiddo is anxiously waiting to give them. I would show you, but I will wait until after the concert. I can say that I cut them out (actually my dad cut them out for fear of me losing a finger, also totally not impossible), but kiddo decorated them ALL. She is very proud of her art work and I am very proud of her for being so kind and wanting to give a gift. 

So, if there is anyone out there reading this that lives in California around the Modesto area (or if you feel like taking a road trip) tickets are still available for the 1pm and 4pm show at the Gallo Arts Center…buy tickets here . It is such a fun concert for families. You and your kids will love it.

Now off to warming up our singing voices. Kid and I are having a “Let it Go” sing-off. 😉