So, in my last post I talked about the crappy windows I received and how no one takes responsibility for anything anymore. 

Well, today, the window company owner and his “associate” came out to address the issues I was having with the broken windows. I showed them the windows I was having issues with and then they asked about the “leaking” window. He wanted to look at the window to make sure the window itself was okay. We walked outside, took a look at the back of it. His associate began talking to me, the owner disappeared for a bit then came back with, what I feel was a very ballsy move. He stands at the top of the step and says,

I want you to know that we stand behind our work. We don’t make the windows. We buy them from (company), we sell them and then we hire contractors to come out and install them. There was a review on Yelp…

Ah, shit! I could feel my whole body become flushed. 

Now the person who wrote the review was named Tammie B., and you are Tammie, so I’m assuming it was you that wrote it since the time frame of the windows also fits.

Good job detective. Ya got me.

Understand that the review was written under my company name. We stand by our work. But we aren’t the makers of the windows and we aren’t the installers, so please keep that in mind.

With that, he went to go check the windows in the house again, while I was left with his “associate” in the backyard to talk more about the rotted wood under the window and to be told again that they stand behind their work and that the water issue we are having is a structural issue and no fault to them, at least that’s what I got from her. So, I will be receiving a phone call when the part for the broken window comes in and to schedule a time to fix it.

Out of pure kindness, I deleted my Yelp review. I’m still pretty pissed off, but whatever. I don’t feel like being reminded of it when dude comes out to fix the broken window. Personally, I feel that it shouldn’t have even been brought up. It should be the customer’s decision whether or not they feel they should take the review off. Maybe, perhaps, after all my stuff was fixed, I would have deleted the review on my own. So much for me personally making that decision.

By the way, when I told my husband about all this and how the Yelp review was brought up, oh man. There may be a future phone call in the works.