This mouse…


He may look all cute and innocent, but don’t be fooled. I’m usually pretty good with little rodents (unless they are lurking in my garage somewhere waiting to pounce on me with those little paws and pointy teeth and staring at me in the dark corners somewhere. I can feel your little beady eyes on me!). Ok, maybe I’m not the best with those little things, but the Chuck E. Cheese dude, I despise that mouse. He surpasses the Geico Pig, the Geico gecko and those damn rabbits from Max and Ruby (mostly Ruby).

Today we went to a birthday party for a friend’s son’s 4th birthday and where did he want to have this party? Yep, with the damn mouse. I haven’t been there since my nephew’s 5th or 6th birthday. It is just mass chaos! I have to admit that today, at least this morning, wasn’t so bad. We got there at 11am and it wasn’t very crowded, so we got to hang with the birthday boy and play plenty of games. It wasn’t until around 1pm when the seemingly quiet game room became sardine packed. I mean, you couldn’t turn around without running into someone. Then you have the kids with the mile long tickets, who can’t seem to fold them up and insists on running right passed you. You have plastic balls, that are suppose to stay inside the game, being thrown passed your head. It becomes a war zone and you are on the front line. Then you have your own child, trying to keep an eye on them, who seem to develop some kind of super human, light speed movements, where you  barely turn your head for less than a second and they are gone. I do have to admit that my girl was pretty good today sticking with us, it was the birthday boy that kept disappearing.

And  it felt like it was 100 degrees in that place once the game room was packed. With the heat from the machines combined with the body heat of all the people surrounding you, holy geez! Poor Em’s hair was wet and it doesn’t take much for me to get hot (I have plenty of “layers” on me to keep me toasty). 

When you have a birthday party at this establishment, you have 2 hours EXACTLY for your spot and they celebrate all the birthdays that are there at once. Which is fine. Music is playing, your party coordinator brings out a cake (that you supply) and the mouse himself comes out for a “little” skit and wishes all the birthday kiddos a Happy Birthday.


I have NEVER seen such un-enthused person in an over-sized mouse costume in my life. The guy/gal seemingly strolled around, head hanged, putting the littlest amount of movement they could. It was actually kind of hilarious. I mean, I personally wouldn’t want that job. I’ve been in a mascot costume before. It’s not fun. It’s hot, it’s stinky, it’s awkward, but you do it and get it over with. You could just tell that this “mouse” didn’t want to be there.

What was even more hilarious? They made it rain! Not like rain in the weather since, like rain “the other” rain.


My husband and his friend could not stop laughing. First after all the hoop-la with the birthday singing, the party coordinators through hand fulls of tickets in the air, that landed in the cake, for the kids to run to and fight over. Then, randomly, a worker is perched on the second story dropping tickets one by one over the railing, right where people walk out of the kitchen with customer’s pizzas. Brilliant! So you have families, not just kids, standing right in front of the door where the servers come out and then you have tickets falling on people’s pizzas. Bonus!

When we left, and I knew this was coming, my daughter says:

When I have my 5th birthday, can I have it here?

Please no! Please!