The past few days I have been quietly spying on my 4 year old. Why? Because it’s entertaining. She says the most random things when people aren’t watching, mainly when she is tucked away in her room playing with her dolls. 

For your entertainment, I have decided to compile a list of phrases I have overheard the past few days. Enjoy!

The spa has a bucket and a hose for your use.

You fat sissy!

No! You’re head is on fire!

I’m under water and it smells! (I’m guessing this was a mermaid)

You have a little head.

Maybe we should switch heads. 

Fairies don’t fart…they glitter!

Just pinch it off! (she’s been listening to her father too much)

Just shove the car in your pocket.

And my personal favorite…

My brain bone hurts!


I think I will be borrowing that phrase from her. 🙂


What random things do your kids say?