I decided to do a fun experiment with my 4 year old today. I Googled some ideas and found this one: The Rainbow Density Experiment

It took a few times (of course I did something wrong the first time), but the results are pretty amazing once you do it correctly. If you have sugar, glasses and water at home, then you can do this experiment. It’s great for little ones. Be sure to ask their input while you are doing it. I asked my daughter which liquid, after the sugar was added, would be the heaviest. She looked at me and pointed to the correct glass. My kid’s a genius! 🙂  Have fun with this one and let me know what you kids thought of it. Great to do on a boring or rainy day.



The Rainbow Density Experiment

What You Are Going to Need:

5 clear glasses

A spoon



Food Coloring (preferably not the gel kind)


1. Line up the 5 glasses

2. Put 1 tablespoon of sugar in the first glass

3. Put 2 tablespoons of sugar in the second glass

4. Put 3 tablespoons of sugar in the third glass

5. Put 4 tablespoons of sugar in the fourth glass

6. Leave the fifth glass empty. This glass will be the one used to pour the solutions into.

7. Place 3 tablespoons of water into EACH of the first four glasses, again, leaving the fifth glass empty.

8. Mix the sugar solutions in each glass until all the sugar is dissolved.


9. In the first glass (the one with 1 tablespoon of sugar) place 2 drops of red food coloring and mix.

10. In the second glass (the one with 2 tablespoons of sugar) place 2 drops of yellow food coloring and mix.

11. In the third glass (the one with 3 tablespoons of sugar) place 2 drops of green food coloring and mix.

12. In the fourth glass (the one with 4 tablespoons of sugar) place 2 drops of blue food coloring and mix.


13. First, pour the blue mix into the empty glass.


14. Next, turning your spoon so the backside is facing up. Place the spoon right above the blue water and SLOWLY pour the green mix over the spoon. This should allow the green to gently settle over the blue mix.


15. Repeat the above step with the yellow mix being placed over the green and then the red mix being placed over the yellow.


16. TADA!!!!! There you have it. Your very own rainbow. Pretty cool, huh?