Ah…it’s finally spring! Good riddance you piece-o-crapola winter! Even though we here in California haven’t had it nearly as bad as the rest of y’all (in fact, most freak out when it just rains here…pansies) it has been a horrible winter cold season. And to that, I am kicking winter to the curb. Bags packed and I’m changing the locks. Bring it spring! Save us all! Take away that grumpiness and bring the love! I’m sure most of you are familiar with the word twitterpated…

Around here, it’s been looking like spring for quite some time. We’ve had 70+ degree weather (I know, you hate me) and a lot of things are already blooming. Needless to say, we are ALL a little confused around here. What made me excited is that I get to get my garden going. Yay for home grown veggies! I usually have a horrible green thumb. I kill everything, most often the plants that are suppose to be hard to kill. So I was really pleased when I saw that I started growing peas, squash, carrots and onions all by myself from a seed! A SEED!!!! Ha…take that curse of the green thumb!


Also, lots of the spring time flowers have already popped up, some of which I forgot I had planted last year. Such a wonderful and beautiful surprise.


Even the apricot tree on our bottom yard is already forming lots of delicious apricots, which we will never eat because the birds always seem to get to them first. Same with the blueberries.

Spring time also means LOTS of outdoor time and when you have a 4 year old that can’t sit still, outdoor time is AWESOME! 


So bring it spring time! Show us what you got! You can totally out due winter.

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