After witnessing a near hamster death today at PetSmart, which you can read here, my dear bloggy friend (I hope it’s okay I call her friend, even though I don’t know her personally, but I think we could be friends) Michele at ODNT suggested I post my complaint letter to PetSmart on my blog with the response. She’s had a great response in doing this herself and I do look up to her as an experienced blogger (I’m just a wee newbie), so I am taking her lead and posting my letter here. I did warn PetSmart that I would be posting my letter so that others may be more aware to this type of incident and hopefully keep an eye out for the poor animals sake. Below is what I posted to them.


My visit today may change my mind about shopping at this location again. Your store is the main pet supply chain I shop at. After the incident that I witnessed today about how your small animals are cared for, I am appalled. My four year old and I came in to get a fish for her tank. We always stop at the hamster and mice cages first because, to be honest, they are adorable. This particular store had just gotten a shipment of new animals in and a store clerk was putting them away in their cages. While she was next to my daughter and I putting a mouse in the adjacent cage to the hamsters, a hamster became stuck between the running wheel and the bar that holds the wheel. Thankfully, my daughter was distracted and didn’t see this horrific event happen. The clerk saw this at the same time I did and she took her time opening the cage to get the poor little thing unhinged. He was very sluggish when she released him and her response to me was, “This happens all the time. They are usually okay, hopefully,” and then she walked away. If this happens “all the time” as she stated, wouldn’t it make sense to change the wheels in the cages to ones they CAN’T get stuck in. There is a plethora of hamster wheels in the store, I’m sure they can sacrifice a few for the greater good of these poor animals lives. How many hamster, or mice, have died because someone didn’t get to them quick enough? This is just inattentive and cruel to these poor animals and there should be a change as to how the animals are cared for. People come to these stores because they love their pets. The pets at the stores should be cared for the same way. I will be posting this letter on my blog so others may look out for the same type of behavior for the sake of these animals. A response and change is appreciated.


So let’s see what happens, shall we? Just a friendly reminder to all of you that shop at any of these kinds of establishments. Please be aware of the surroundings. Check out the cages, take a look around. These little guys can’t speak, but we can.