It’s the 15th, actually it’s not, technically it’s the 17th, but close enough…it’s Blog Hop time with our lovely hostesses with the mostesses over at Ketchup, Michele and Mel. If you haven’t checked out their blogs, you totally should (and by the word choice TOTALLY you can tell where I’m from). Just click on their names and you’ll be magically transported to their blog pages. See how easy I made that for you? While you are there, why don’t you link up a blog post of your own? You know you want to! These ladies have made the Hop super easy! Either link up any post you have done OR you can do the 10 minute brain drain, which is always fun. You never know what you are going to get (especially outta this brain right here). So go ahead, link up and tell’em I sent ya!

Ok, now on to my own post. I chose the 10 minute brain drain. Be afraid people, there is never telling where this stress filled mind will go. 🙂


10 minutes…okay…let’s see…what to write…what to write…OOOOOHHHHH…I know, I’ll give you all a good laugh at my self inflicted (mental) pain from yesterday. Everyone needs a laugh, right? 

So, yesterday after I had gotten home with my daughter from spending much of the afternoon with her cousins (who are 4 and almost 1) I was extremely exhausted, both physically and mentally. I had done house chores that morning, which in this house seems to take forever because we have a daily occurrence of Hurricane Emily (that’s my daughter for those of you who don’t know). It’s absolutely amazing at how much of a complete mess one little person can make in the matter of minutes. Anywho, when I had gotten home there was still laundry to be done and a kid to be bathed. So as I started laundry, only semi-paying attention mind you, and walked outside to water some plants. In the midst of watering the garden and flowers, I decided to have a water fight with my child which was hilarious because she didn’t actually believe I would squirt her with the garden hose. It was 80 degrees outside and she was being a pain in the butt, so I figured it would benefit the both of us if I just turned the hose on her. She was screaming and laughing and begging for me to do it more, which I of course obliged, that is until I heard a strange sound coming from the garage. Not knowing what I was going to find, I cautiously walked into the garage. Apparently I had loaded dish washing detergent into the laundry machine. So…yeah…if you want to smell like lemons, you are more than welcome to come on over and borrow some clothes.