My kid LOVES anything Disney related. She especially LOVES Frozen, as do most children right now. However, I wasn’t prepared for the next obsession in this child’s life. I, very unfortunately, found a series of videos on YouTube where people use dolls and make-up stories and film them. Seriously, someone take a spoon to my eyeballs right now! There is one in particular that is extremely annoying. It’s not so much the videos themselves, it’s the lady’s voice. Holy high pitch, screechy voice Batman! What is even more mind boggling is that this person has close to 300k subscribers. Come on, seriously? Am I missing something here? I figured I shouldn’t be the only one subjected to this kind of torture, so I decided to share a few of these with y’ all. I know, I am so thoughtful. 🙂

WARNING: Do not show these to your children! You may end up having to watch a series of these horrible monstrosities until A) Your eyes bleed or 2) Your sanity slowly slips away. I have already completed #2 long ago and fear the first may be coming soon.


Had enough? No?!?!?!? Glutton for punishment are ya? Okay, one more.