On April 2nd, I had written a letter to PetSmart about a horrific event in a poor hamster’s life I personally witnessed. You can read that letter here . Below is the response I received from their customer service.

Dear Tammie,

Thank you for your e-mail and for bringing this to our attention. I have taken the liberty of entering a customer complaint on your behalf. Your complaint will be addressed by a member of our Management Team within 3-5 business days, and you can expect a reply at that time.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused you, and we appreciate the opportunity you have given us to set the matter right.

PetSmart Customer Care
Today is the 18th and I have yet to hear a reply from any Management Team at PetSmart. I believe I am well past that 3-5 business days point. I was at PetSmart yesterday to replace a goldfish that went to that big ole’ fish bowl in the sky after just a week of having him. I almost don’t want to walk by the critter cages, for fear I may witness the same event, but I took a deep breath and checked in on the little guys. Obviously my complaint wasn’t taken into consideration because the same “death wheels” (which is what I am now calling them) are in ALL the cages. Really Management Team?!? So here we go again. Letter #2.

Jeannie (or other customer service representative that may receive this letter),


I was told that my concern would be addressed by the Management Team and that I would hear a response from them or someone within 3-5 business days. That was on April 2nd and today is now April 18th and I have yet to hear if my concerns have been addressed. 

Let me familiarize you with what my original complaint was about.

On April 1st I visited store location San Leandro #55. While watching the hamsters in their little habitats, I witnessed a hamster get stuck between his running wheel and the bar that holds the wheel. The store clerk, that was next to me and witnessed this event at the same time I did, took her time getting the poor animal unstuck. The hamster appeared very sluggish after the event. She told me that this kind of event happens, in her words, “all the time.” I am absolutely appalled that the store clerks,

1) Admittedly know that this happens on a fairly regular basis.


2) That the wheels haven’t been replaced with ones that do not allow this to happen.

I was at this same store yesterday to replace a fish that I had only gotten 5 days before and noticed that no actions have been taken in replacing any of the running wheels.

I would like someone to please address this situation and I would like some kind of response from someone in a management position. I just can’t seem to understand that if this sort of event happens regularly, why hasn’t anyone taken any measures to prevent it. I’m sure a simple running wheel change, with the vast stock available at the store, would correct this issue and save the lives of these animals.

If I could please have an updated response it would be greatly appreciated.



Tammie Brown

So let’s see PetSmart. The ball is in your court. Will you make a change?