Easter day was fairly quiet around here for us. We did most of the celebrating the week before with my parents, sister-in-law and my adorable nieces.


There was, of course, an Easter Egg Hunt. 


Immediately eating the chocolate and other goodies in the eggs.


Little one tried to eat the egg itself.


Then there was the whole, trying to take a picture of the cousins. Much easier said than done.


The day before Easter, we spent it with my in-laws. We decorated eggs…



I wonder where my daughter gets her personality from…could it be…DAD! (this is the egg he made)


Then the Easter gifts. She was just a little excited about these. 🙂


And of course, the money she gets in her eggs from Nama and Papa. This kid LOVES money!


Then another Easter Egg Hunt. She made out good.


The day wouldn’t be complete without a comedy show and dance number.


This kid a total ham. She loves being center stage, definitely not a trait she got from this mama.

Easter itself has it’s own meanings to us. One of which is family. The weather was perfect, so we decided to go out for a nice little hike in our own “backyard”. Still within town limits, we found a park where there are tons of Redwood trees. It was absolutely gorgeous! I am not what you call an outdoor, woodsy person. I am your typical girly girl. It was a little bit of a surprise for me to see that my child is just like her daddy, (that part isn’t really a surprise. She is her dad.) she LOVES hiking and being in the outdoors.


Until she fell and scrapped up her leg pretty good and wanted daddy to carry her all the way back down the trail and to the car. Um…that’s a long way.


Oh well, she lived to tell about it. Her leg was pretty scratched up, but she walked the whole way back. What a trooper!

So, that was our Easter in a nutshell. Great family time with everyone and all the while feeling very blessed with all that we have.

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