I have yet to get any sort of response directly from the Management Team at PetSmart in regards to my letter that I wrote them. You can read the 1st letter here and the 2nd here. I did, however, see a very helpful change today at the PetSmart where the original event happened. 

I needed cat litter and I was bored, so my kid and I got into the car and went to the pet store. I wasn’t going to go to PetSmart, but I was curious to see if any change was made regarding the hamster wheels since I haven’t received a response from the individuals I am suppose to be hearing from.

To my amazement, all the wheels had been changed in the cages! Yay! They went from this death trap…


To ones that they can’t get their little necks stuck into.


I felt very proud and accomplished when I saw this change. I’m actually a little surprised that this change happened. I’m hoping this wheel change will take place in other stores around the nation and not just this store. Please, if you see the metal wheels in the critter cages, know that they are potentially dangerous and life threatening to these animals. Trust me, I witnessed it for myself. Ask your local pet store to make a change. These little guys will thank you for it.