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So, I decided to write about the 10 things I like about my favorite TV show. 

Right now I have just 2 television shows that I watch religiously, Downton Abbey and Modern Family. Yep, I’m a Crawley and a MOFY all in one. If you think about it, that’s an interesting combination. Hmm…can you picture Cam in the 1920’s? I smell a combo spin-off. Cam time travels to England, 1920’s and creates all kinds of havoc for the Crawleys. I’d watch that! But for the sake of time, I’ll choose to talk about Downton Abbey.


1. The era: I swear, in another life I must have been living during that time. I love the clothing, I love the way the buildings look, just love everything about it!

2. The drama: Oh the petty quarrels that exist for the servants and the upper class. The show has created some great antagonists for this show, Thomas immediately comes to mind. He is such a sleazy, back stabbing jerk that you can’t help but like him, a little. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes…so…yeah…there’s that.

3. The clothing:


Like I mentioned in #1, I had to have lived in this era prior to this life. The upper class clothing is so pretty and delicate. There is so much attention to detail, particularly on the dresses. And what’s fancier than wearing gloves and pearls?

4. Anna Bates:



Anna is just a sweet soul and I STILL can’t believe what they did to that woman last season. If you haven’t watched it, I won’t give it away. I’ll just say it was completely shocking and upsetting. She is such a sweet and gentle character and a great breath of fresh air to the back stabbing that goes on in the servants quarters.

5. Lady Rose:


This girl is crazy, at least for the early 1900’s. She is such a free spirit and it’s fun to watch the trouble she gets into.

6. The Relationship Between Grantham and Crawley:


Their relationship is hilarious. Always pushing buttons. Although, this relationship may be changing in seasons to come. Hopefully the catty comments will always be there.

7. Maggie Smith:


I adore this woman! She is an acting goddess! She has been in so many movies and shows and she is just absolutely brilliant. The character she plays on Downton is one of the best in the show, my opinion. She brings such a hilarity to the role with her comments and timing. But that’s what great actors do!

8. Lady Sybil and Thomas Branson:


Such a beautiful and touching love story. The youngest daughter of the house falling in love with the chauffeur. Forbidden love, what’s not to like about that? They were such a sweet couple and what happens to poor Sybil is truly heartbreaking. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it, I sob every single time! 

9. Speaking of Thomas Branson:


HELLO BRANSON! Allen Leech, who plays Branson, is such an attractive guy with his eyes and body and accent and….sorry….got lost there for a minute. Really, there isn’t much else to say. 🙂

10. Mrs. Hughes


One strong character, one strong lady. She is a great confidant and adds so much to the show. Do not mess with this lady. She is sweet, but can take you down in one swift swoop! I love her! Go Hughes Go!