In less than a week, we embark on our yearly family vacation. We’re going to Disneyland


This IS my happy place! I’ve been going here since I was 6 years old. Luckily, we only live about 6 hours (driving) away, a 1 hour flight if you’d rather get there that way. I grew up on pretty much everything Disney. The characters, the movies, the books, you name it I had it or have it. Thankfully, my daughter is following in my footsteps. Yay! We can bond over Disney and musicals now. I’m so proud!

I have to tell you though, traveling with a child IS NOT EASY! Especially with the overactive, social butterfly that I have. This kid will make friends with ANYONE! She is not shy at all. She strikes up convos with children and adults alike. She also doesn’t understand the meaning of “personal space”. You know, everyone has their own “safe bubble”. Kinda like in Dirty Dancing when they are teaching Baby to dance. This is my space, this is yours. I don’t go into yours, you don’t come into mine. (I love this movie!)

Em doesn’t care if you want to talk to her or not, she will keep repeating her statements until she gets a response and with kids, forget about it, especially babies. She is right there making faces, trying to get them to laugh or with kids, trying to get the shy ones to come out of their shells. It can be quite entertaining sometimes, but some parents (and kids) just don’t know how to take her. She’s just overly friendly. She loves people and this will serve her very well in the future. With that being said, long lines are like big circle times for her. It’s time to meet others, grill them with 100 questions and partially drive me nuts.

She’s also, what we call a runner. You’ve seen the Modern Family episode about Lily being a runner, right?


Oh Cam, I feel your pain. I have chased this kid down at Disneyland before, last year to be precise. Fat, short person, running in and out of a sea full of people, trying to chase down your daughter who just wanted to leave with her “new friend” that she met just seconds before on the carousel, isn’t a pretty sight people. And I do apologize to all those who witnessed this oddity last year around this same time.

The first time we took Em to Disneyland, when she was about 1 1/2, we did use a child tether…okay, it’s a child leash, not unlike a dog leash.


Em’s was a pink dog. I was skeptical of it at first. What kind of looks was I going to get? Will it actually work? Will she just be dragging me down Main Street like over excited dogs do to their owners? Is this a reflection on my parenting? I did get some awkward looks from some parents, mainly from those whose children were hanging off of signs and railings like little monkeys, but after a fashion I saw that I wasn’t the only one with a kid on leash (no matter how many times you say this phrase, it will always sound odd and wrong). I get that kids want their independence, but when you have a magician like mine, sometimes you have to take desperate measures. She got her independence, I was able to keep her right next to me when she wanted to walk and she didn’t get lost. A winning situation. Would I ever do this again? Probably not. Will she need a tether this time, with how she is? Most definitely! She’s a runner, there is no denying that. Instead of a leash, however, simply reminding her (over and over and over and over….you get the idea) that she can easily get lost or worse, someone could take her from us, will hopefully be enough to keep this overactive child glued to our sides while in the park.

This time, Em is also tall enough to go on ALL the rides and my little dare devil wants to go on the BIG ones!


When I was a kid, these rides scared the bagezzers outta me. I was that kid where the parents had to take turns riding on rides with the other child because I didn’t want to go on anything that “looked” scary and life threatening. This has all changed now, I LOVE these rides, but it took me a little bit to build up to them. Not my kid! The first ride that came out of her little mouth when I told her that she was tall enough to go on all the rides now was The Matterhorn. My kid is nuts! I’ll take her on it, sure, but I’m also kind of leery of the whole thing. Once you get on, there is no turning back. If she starts freaking out after the first drop or turn, we’re screwed! Then you are stuck with a screaming, crying child the rest of the ride. Do I dare take her on? And Spalsh Mountain? This is my absolute favorite ride and it is suppose to be mid-90’s while we are down there, so a nice drenching will feel amazing. But I don’t think my kid quite understands how deep of a drop it is, not to mention the drop that is in complete darkness in the middle of the ride. I don’t know. I’m torn. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes. 

Monday is approaching fast, and little by little I get a more excited each day. Sure, it’s stressful (especially being the over protective parent that I am), but it is also so much fun and heart melting to see your kid so happy and having so much fun. Makes the chasing down, pocket emptying experience all the more fun.

Wish me luck and safe travels! (Oh, and if I get a video of my kid on one of the big rides I will totally post it)